Day 185 – First day of school

Tuesday, August 30th 2016

This is gonna be the best semester ever.


Woke up not tired (because I was waking up at 5:30 for two weeks, waking up at 7 is basically like sleeping in for me, haha) and went to school forgetting my schedule. I got one, but they gave me last year’s, so I went back and got another. 

I arrived to class (coding) with one of my favourite if not my favourite teacher. He told us what we would be studying and gave us a good motivational speech. We couldn’t do anything because the computers weren’t working, so we won’t be doing anything tomorrow either, which is why I’m bringing my sketchbook to practice art tomorrow during that class and another that I have with him that involves those computers.

Then I went over to alimentation class and our teacher is savage. She is not afraid to insult a student jokingly, but she did take it too far at some point, calling someone retarded. She said “Hey, [name], how are you my retarded?” I did not like that about her. We’re gonna learn meals in different countries, how to cook things properly, the basics of cooking, etc. We also have two students from out of the country, one of them only really spending English, which is unfortunate since this teacher hates English cause she can’t speak it well.

I had lunch and ate with my close friends I haven’t seen most of the summer. We talked and it was fun.

I then went to technology class with the same awesome teacher, but of course, computers don’t work. We were only told what we will be doing, which is Photoshop, 3D modelling and radio. We can choose which we wanna do first by group. Kohai and I plan on doing 3D modelling first since less people are gonna do it and that way we can reserve the podcast room when less people are doing radio.

Then I had math with Kohai again, which is with a very good and chill teacher. If we do all or most of our homework, we get +8% on our final grade, which is incredible. Guess who’s doing their homework.

So I got home and thought that today went by so fast. I talked with my brother and did some math homework that wasn’t necessary to do, but I did for some revision (good start). I played on the server with Kohai and moderated a little, then went off to watch Doctor Who.

So today went by very quickly. Classes all felt like the snap of a finger. I bet tomorrow is gonna be the same.

That’s all for today.

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