Ex’s & Oh’s

Turns out its a shit day for all the Family, dad got no sleep after woking night shift, mum is sick and had to take the day off, my eldest brother was meant to get his car today but the paperwork got fucked, my other brother has an assignment due tomorrow and the system crashed taking it all with him. As for me, my boyfriend of one week today decides to share all his skeletons in his closet and just happens to mention his recent ex wants to talk to him. 

I’ve never thought of myself as the jealous type..but thats probably because i had never experienced it..until now. Right now as I’m typing he is on the phone to his ex. Georgie G. Yet again she’s a fucking goddess compared to me and get this they were in a long distance relationship too and are now “Best Friends”. Best friends? fuck off to the moon camel tits. This doesn’t compute in my head and now my mind is more fucked than ever. Im drinking a bottle of wine through a sippy cup. This is the only thing that can take my mind off it but even thats not working right now. I told him i have trust issues and now it seems he wants to test the limits and i think I’ve reached mine. Just this morning i was explaining to my brother how much i trust him and now I’m not so sure i do. Don’t get me wrong i love the honesty but taking it all in and in such a short period of time is a lot to ask from me. 

Im experiencing anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety and most of all doubt. Please someone tell me this is normal because I’m going mad. I went three weeks without a drink and my pills and today I’m back into it. Please make it go away, i don’t like these feelings.

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  1. Well… There is a few ways to look at it. He told you for a reason. He is telling you because he felt comfortable telling you, because he knows you trust him. OR… He told you because their is more going on. Sit down with him and ask him how it went. Tell him to be honest with you. Don’t get angry at him when he tells you the truth. Its important you make him feel comfortable in a situation like this. Because It could open more doors. Such as, making him feel comfortable around you to talk about stuff like this.

    My boyfriend of almost 3 years is still friends with his ex girlfriend that he dated for 5 years. It helps because I have made ends meet with her. I have became “Friends” with her. Enough to tolerate he when I’m around. Which is another option. Maybe try to be friends with his ex. If she is bitchy be the nice girl. It really pays off in the end.

  2. @EllieRae Thank you so much for the advice, we did talk about it and he keeps on reassuring me its nothing, its just hard since i had no doubt and now i can’t help but have it in the back of my mind. But your words calmed me down and i have a new perspective. Thank you again.xx

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