Honest is Best

This morning I read through ‘The authenticity paradox’ by Harvard Business and it really reaffirmed the notion that in order to grow as a leader, it’s really important to stretch your limits by new things you’re uncomfortable. The challenge I set myself last night to seek feedback from my teammates. It’s so scary that I don’t want to do it but I’m going to try my best and see what happens. Later in the day, I volunteer for the Art Science week. I guided high school around UTS, which sure was quite tough because the boys were very rowdy. There was moment today that was thought-provoking that happened today. One of the girls asked me what it was like to be in university, I was almost stumped in that moment because I didn’t know what to say. I looked at the girl and said, “It can be tough, stressful, there are moments where you wonder if this is worth it but there’s moments where you grow as a person because you’re challenged in so many different ways and honestly, you get to meet some really great people along the way”. I could hear the teacher behind laugh at my answer because of the honesty and the group of kids was almost shocked by my answer. I was also quite surprised but I was told after they really appreciated it. This was a turning point for me because being the natural salesperson I am, I knew the rehearsed answer but for some reason, I couldn’t say it. I guess this relates to Mike Robbins TED Talk about being expressing a person’s true feelings in a moment. I really hope whoever marks this report doesn’t get to this part of what I said about UTS.img_20160818_104005-1 img_20160818_123650

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