Journal Entry #27 (Some things never change and Mosquito Bites :/ )

So, by the time I’m writing this, it’ll have been about 20 minutes since chat started anew. Right off the bat, we get into a semi-aggressive argument. That annoyed me. But, in an effort to regain that illusion of peace, we “dropped the subject”. That’s what caused me to make this entry. Something about the way the topic was brushed aside so easily pissed me off.

Now, you may think, “what a stupid thing to get angry about. Were you looking to argue?” And I will tell you “Yes, I was.” As much as I hate arguing, that short time of anger between some of my companions angered me. I don’t know…I have problems…

In other news, about an hour ago, I was bitten twice on my left leg by a freaking mosquito. One on the lower back of the leg and one right under, if not technically on, MY FREAKING KNEE! Now if it swells up in 1-2 days, I won’t be able to walk correctly, if at all with that leg. Meanwhile Axel remains perfectly unbitten, despite being in the same small room with me. WTF, I hate my so called “sweet blood” so much! I don’t see the perpetrator anymore so I assume it left somehow. As mysterious as when it entered.

My mother, brothers, and I came home at about 3:30 PM today, to find our house hot as hell. I honestly didn’t notice until my mom pointed it out. We go to check our AC (I think it might be a swamp cooler?) and turns out it stopped working again. For the third time. So we’ve been suffering in the heat for about 5 hours now. My body has gotten somewhat used to it and it’s nighttime now so it’s not as unbearable. Bob is currently on the roof trying fixing it. He and my mom fixed it twice already, buying new parts for the AC each time. The second fix worked for a while-leading to a cold ass house I thoroughly enjoyed-until today. Wish us luck, or whatever the fuck.

Things are going well with Mindy. I officially confessed my crush on her to her, but I am still happy about where our relationship is currently at. I’ve made some mistakes, but I’m working on being a good friend to her.

I’ve calmed down a bit. Writing entries usually has this effect. Anyway, I’m going to end this and return to the place where I feel so many things, both good and bad.

There’s no rest for victims of mosquitoes, so I’ve gotta go.

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