Not Everyone Is Entitled To Be Entitled


11:11 AM

This entry is for my co-worker. We get along most of the time, but that’s mainly because I let a lot of things slide. Comments. Attitude. Shit talking. I don’t see her as my equal and therefore I don’t engage. What’s the point? In this game of life I’m winning. I’m also used to girls like her trying to exercise their authority over me. It can get annoying, but it serves as a reminder that I’m better than her. If she ever treated me the way I treated her (like a stray cat with one leg) I’d be furious. She and the drivers have this tendency to gang up on me through little vocal jabs. But they’re never witty enough to merit a comeback from me. They’re like a little team. (A bunch or rejects who get picked last for kickball.) They have things in common which is why they unite and I like not being apart of their group. Anyway, she asked me to switch a shift with her so she could take her kid to her first day of school. I declined. This surprised her as I’m usually willing to do so, but not anymore. Why? Because I just got back from holiday and am trying to get in a routine. Also, I know she wants my shift. It’s the better shift. She thought she got one up on me when she first started 6 months ago by getting assigned the day shift and the empty title of “Manager,” but she learned she only has that spot because I didn’t want it. We get paid the same and she gets stuck doing more administrative work. She also has to deal with anything that goes wrong which is all the time whereas I get to sit back. Work harder, not smarter, yes? I’ve suffered through bad management before and sniffed mine out pretty quickly as such which is why  declined to take on more responsibility. Today, she and the driver took a suspicious amount of time bringing in our product so I knew they were talking about me. Whenever I don’t do something she wants she has attitude for the rest of the day. It can be something as simple as not placing the cutting board where she thinks it should go. Since I do 99% of the food prep, the cutting board goes where I fucking say it goes. Anyway, the driver threw/tossed food at me and said “Putting this away looks like your job.” Excuse me? I usually do put it away (I put most things away because I’m cleaner than my co-worker), but don’t you fucking throw anything at me. I threw it back and politely told him the next thing that went flying would be my fist. I don’t know why this is, but as soon as you fight back, people ask “What’s your problem?” like they aren’t aware the problem started with them. That was the end of that. My co-worker is currently on a dish run. Her fat ass moves so slowly what she does in 45 minutes I can do in 15. She’ll find out soon enough that I already did half of it this morning. I can entertain myself on the work laptop or actually work, but I can’t just sit there so if we don’t have customers and she’s using the laptop, I go work. Makes sense, yes? I don’t intend to come to work with a new attitude or anything, but she’s going to see subtle changes. Mainly involving shift switching. I’m not as open to that anymore. It’s my shift.

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