More Depressing Shit

I still am too pussy to tell my dad off. To tell him what he is doing inst right. I just dont have it. Im sitting here listening to blink-182 gearing up for the concert and playing overwatch. I dont even want to keep working for him but its one of the easiest job there is (somewhat, what job isnt stressful.)  Its just.. sad to see my mom sad. I think that its a marriage problem and that they should figure it out but  that wont work most likely. I feel like people who use these outlooks of expressing ones self don’t have many friends. No offense to the daily users of this site. Because I don’t. Its funny to whenever I try and hit on women i always fuck up too. I tried to hit on this one girl at a music venue and all the lights are off, of course, and I accidentally turn on all the light and everyone was staring at us and look over and she fucking booked like I never meet her before. Which of course I didnt. It fucking sucked but its funny now. Sort of..


Theres just shit for me in this lifetime.



One thought on “More Depressing Shit”

  1. Maybe try connecting with women on a real personal level than trying to “get with” them. It makes all the difference having someone to connect with rather than just hitting on them. Also with your dad it can be scary to stand up and say that something isn’t right but if you want to be different than him and look out for the ones you love then perhaps it’s a good idea to be brave for a little while and see what happens. Maybe you might inspire your mom to stand up for herself a little more as well?

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