Dodged a bullet. My boss and I have a bi-weekly standing 1 on 1 meeting.  He does this with all his staff. More times than not in the last 6 months it has been cancelled, postponed, rescheduled. That has been the nature of the business lately. We are so busy. Absorbing other business units and all the growing pains that go along with that. So every time that I don’t have to meet with him I feel like I have “dodged a bullet”. What am I afraid he’ll say? That I’m not doing a good job? Well, I don’t do a good job at my job. I know I don’t.  I admit I don’t. I get by on the minimum.  I don’t go above and beyond. What would make me want to go above and beyond?  What kind of work would be that fulfilling?

Time to go for a walk. Get some good tunes in my head. Or some good words.

And what if he did say I’m not doing a good job? What then? I would be somewhat embarrassed. But not nearly as much as I would have been in the past. I just don’t care. What would losing this job mean to me and my family? Me – nothing. My family – all it would do is force us to live below our current standard. I think I can live with that. H would be pissed.  Really pissed.  He (we) in our current situation can buy just about anything within reason. And we probably  – no – I know – we spend more on food than we need to.  We just like good food. Kids could care less.

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  1. Hi! I was just perusing and found your entry.

    Why don’t you go above and beyond at your job? If you were to do so would you benefit from more than a better review or would it just add more stress? I’m not judging or anything! I purposely chose a job that rarely requires me to go above and beyond so I understand the desire not to do so.

    What is it you do?

  2. Hi Barbie – I’ve “been there done that” when it comes to my work. I’ve climbed up a few rungs on ladders and found very little satisfaction in it. I have been a buyer with different manufacturing companies over the past several years. I am still doing the same type of work – but I currently have a support role. Being mom to my 2 middle school kids is my priority now. My job allows me a lot of flexibility which is exactly what I need. The work is just so boring. I can’t pretend that I am interested in it any longer. Pretending is what a lot of people do when they start a career. Not everyone does. But I’m willing to bet a vast majority do. I’m so over that.

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