Anyone feel so? ^^

Hi. Now I know you won’t judge so Lets do this.

I don’t think I am a normal girl at times. My life is something similar to one of those rebels who live with the nuns. I want out but It feels wrong. Ill start with what has happened lately.

I have had his weird feeling, Its not unwelcome but still it unsettled me when I realised what it  makes me want to do. Now I am a loner and I don’t bother hiding that fact but still it just got to an extreme whereby I cannot stand anyone, my mom sisters and aargghh anyone else. I don’t know why I am like this to be honest. I want to burst and scream all out my frustrations but I can’t I just end up with painful lungs. 

I need closure but I haven’t been able to get enough. My only sources of human comfort will not understand what I am feeling. They mean well but it just sucks when I cannot come out with what is bugging me. Everytime I look around I am reminded of what could have been. My past and its just soo… it makes me hate myself. 


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  1. we are so alike! we resemble each other so much heres a quote for you hun count your blessings not your problems!! x

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