Day 186 – Getting into the schedule

Wednesday, August 31st 2016

So today was a little slower, but still fast.

Started off with alimentation and we had to name tools and know when to use them. I had no clue. Something I’m gonna have to learn.

Went on with coding and because the computers don’t work, I only planned on what I’m gonna build on the server for the reset, but later on I was given a user and password for the internet that way I can connect!

Had lunch with Kohai and we talked. We went on to math class and I was going the wrong way, until we realized I was kinda going the right way. The class was moved to the second floor and into my old 9th grade’s class. We did a lot of math as we should. Still easy revision.

We then went on to technology and we didn’t have the computers, so we did more math and were pretty concentrated. She also borrowed me a pair of flats that I didn’t have because we are gonna dress up as Ravenclaw for Halloween. I’m gonna have to bring my Elder’s Wand BUT NO ONE TOUCH IT. Gonna have to try on the flats, forgot to do so.

Other than that, upon arriving home, I helped out on the server and then helped more, then did a few math questions and then watched YouTube and Stranger Things. I feel now that school has come along, there’s less time to do things. Maybe cause I made myself occupied on the computer throughout the summer and I was used to be able to work on things all day, but instead I only get a few hours now.

That’s all for today.

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