4 thoughts on “God is so Good”

  1. I love this feeling that we get from God.
    I was never a religious man, but one day I found faith.
    Now I trust in Him and I love Him, He is my best friend.
    In my aches and pains, the screaming voices of agony, I thank Him for this as so many have it so much worse. I am blessed in all He has given me.
    Have a blessed and glorious day!

  2. Unscathed Corpse —what an original name—I am so happy to know that you love God and have strong faith. He is the best of friends, indeed! I’m sorry for your aches and pains. Do you have meds or anything to help with that? I hope you feel better soon and permanently. Thank you for writing me (commenting) God bless you very much!

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