Her Story

At work today, it was only my manager, Tina and me so I wasn’t able to interview my co-workers. There were some interesting findings, I used empathy as a key component to really extrapolate deep responses from my manager. When I asked her about what authentic leadership means to her, she talked about being real and guiding a team with an overall purpose. An interesting story she explained was when I asked her when she has seen authentic leadership. Tina let me know when she was younger, she was a very shy person and couldn’t find a job. She stumbled upon a manager who said that I can never see you as a sales person, you should really consider another industry. From then on, it really affected her self-esteem until one day when one manager gave her the job at a children’s store. She said she loved how genuine she was and saw great potential in her. She considered this manager as the best one she’s had, she really pushed her outside of her comfort zone in becoming a great sales person. Tina doesn’t believe that you’re born with authentic leadership, she emphasised that it’s about hard work. It takes many years to develop it because like all things, it takes time and effort. This broadened my view on authentic leadership because I saw that from Tina’s past experience, it shaped in how she led a team. I know she’s a brilliant leader so I definitely wasn’t surprised when I told her to fill out the questionnaire and it came out with high marks in authentic leadership, it was true.

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