My Wednesday journal

Yes, it’s Wednesday already! Time really flies lately. I’m getting lots of things done at work tho! It’s just taking time to go live or developing. Today, I worked on offer page and got something on a dev site at the end of the day. It looks and works pretty good except for iOS that doesn’t take JS for copying to clipboard. Gotta do some research tmw for workaround.

Back home around 7 and skated to Dosung for dinner. He cooked Korean good for dinner and we had it with some soju. Food was pretty good and the conversation is always little bit serious about the life. Good times! We ended up at the karaoke in Ktown and sang our soul out for hours!

Back home around midnight by Uber and just took a shower before I go to sleep. 1:03 AM now! Gotta go to sleep for tmw. Goodnight all!

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