Tenacious Tiny Tension

Its the day after our first sort of, argument and i could still feel the tension. On my side anyways. I ended the night with this message. “Thank you for the honesty, i know i didn’t take it as well as i thought but i really do appreciate it and i like you ALOT and i think that why i reacted the way i did. Hope you have a goodnight baby”. Minutes later he called and introduced me to his friends, mind you i was slightly drunk from consuming a bottle of wine in less than 5 minutes, but i still felt that he only introduced me because of pity or maybe reassurance but it felt forced.
Today i woke up sober and i had to deal with no drunken happiness to keep me sane. We didn’t talk all day until i messaged him at night, I’m guessing he wanted to give me space and thank God because i don’t think i could have faced him sober and so soon in the morning, eventually we facetimed and he was way more affectionate than usual and kept on giving me compliments. All the while i looked at him differently. It was clear that i needed convincing and i hate the he could see it on my face. I still really really like him but when i call him and he doesn’t pick up all i can think is that he is talking to Her.
Doubt is a douchebag full of dicks.

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