The calm before the storm. Do you know who you are?

If my memory serves me right, this would be the end of week two for school. Feels more like week six. It’s still kind of laid back which is weird. I mean, I’ve been juggling a schedule between work and school and I feel like I should be more stressed out than I am. I am way too calm for all of this. 

I now see it as the calm before the storm. After looking over my calendar, I realize I have my first major exam in two weeks. In all three classes of course. September 14th is the day of the storm. Back to back exams. The one I am most worried about is the Chemistry exam. I am impressed with myself though because I am learning something from the reading material and that is very rare for me. I usually have to do hands on experiences to really grasp the concept. I think I owe it to my “determination to learn something” this time around, vs. my first time in school.  I suppose I was more worried about making friends, a possible fuck buddy, finding myself, blah blah blah… as to where now, I am in it for an actual career.

I can’t say I completely know what kind of person I am but what I know now is good enough for me to focus on having a fulfilling future. After I finally complete school and leave it in the dust for a while I will then focus more on the “who am I” side of life. I was listening to public radio last night and a 93 year old man said he was still discovering himself. I laughed at first but realized you will always learn something about yourself as long as you are put in different situations. I say go for something and once you stop learning or if that “thing” stops providing lessons for you its time to move on. You always want to be in that wave of learning. That is what makes life so interesting in my opinion. Everyday presents a life lesson to us. We just have to be good at receiving and noticing that lesson, no matter how big or small it may be. For example, today I learned something simple yet a good reminder. That thong sizes do matter. Especially if you’re on the squat team. 😉 You will suffer if you just pick for style and go. 

haha jk, I just wanted to make you laugh. 🙂 but seriously…girls pay attention to the tags.

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