The First Entry

This is the first entry of many, I hope.
I use to blog, journal at a wonderful place called Open Diary, and there I had developed a tight knit little chosen family of friends.
But sadly Open Diary died.
A few of us managed to stay in contact via Facebook, which was wonderful. But now I dread going to Facebook as it is a cesspool of disgust. Politics rain rampant there. Also butt hurt makes being honest a major ordeal.
And there is anonymity.
Some people can be harmed by “shares” or posts that could be  considered “politically incorrect”. Things can be taken wrongly, posted in jest, then twisted to do harm in the real world.
I am an old time, dinosaur, having started playing on the computer decades ago when we knew the difference in “real time” and “virtual time”. The magical web was a world to play in, to be someone different. In the virtual world we could explore fantasies, role play, and if there was a connection it could cross over into the real world.
Now it seems the lines are blurred.
Today people lurk behind their computers or the constant companion electronic device. The constant connection smearing the brilliant colors of life into a gross melange of gray shade. No one disconnects, so the magic of an online world is lost in a screaming blur of bits and bytes, a fog of data streaming.
Families sit at the dinning table, disconnected from each other and reality because of the constant companion electronic device.
Teens and adults walk down the lane or through the Mall, head down, fingers a blur as they delve into the constant connection through the magic of the internet and the electronic device. 
The constant bombing of news becomes strained to be relevant requiring sensationalization to keep the streaming public eye. Because of this, things typically overlooked as mundane and un-newsworthy become  front page, in your face feces fest. A shooting of a criminal starts a movement making the criminal a martyr. A politician becomes a Savior. Up becomes down, right is wrong. A world drawn into chaos.
So here I shall escape to my place to leave comment on the World today, to share an event, a thought, or a memory.
This shall become my place to vent, rant and rage.
And I hope to meet and make new friends along my journey in life.

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