Friday, Weekend Upon Us….

Friday at long last!
 Yesterday I was off rom work and accompanied my wife to the Doctor. She is suffering with a  disconnected ligament and a frayed tendon in her right lower leg, ankle and foot. This has been going on since last November! She has been in various boots, supports and braces. And yesterday the Doctor started out talking about yet another boot!
I ask if there was a mechanical fix, a surgical option, and he said yes. He took the time to show us on a chart where the damage is and where the incisions will be.
The ligament will be reattached by stitching into two holes drilled into the bones near the arch of the foot. Then the heel bone will be sawed off and reattach in the correct position and finally an incision on the leg itself to relax and free the calve muscle.
Post up will be no load bearing for 6 weeks. Then another 6 weeks of therapy, and hopefully a full recovery in 6 months.
And after that we went to the Indian Dealership to pick up her Indian after its 500 mile service.
I have been riding her Indian Chief Classic, the bike I bought her back in November. I have come to love riding the Indian, it is far more comfortable than my Harley. I own a 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Night Train. My bike is quick and fun to sling around town, but it is really impossible to travel on. It is a single saddle, no bags, just a great little bar hopper.
After looking around I found a lovely red 2016 Indian Chief Vintage.
I decided to trade in my Harley on the Indian!
I grew up always wanting a Harley, and finally I achieved my dream. I have had a great time on my Harley, but it is time to move on. The Harley is my first motorcycle, and now it is being traded in to go to another home.
My Indian is now sitting at the dealership waiting on the extras I ordered to have installed. I am having reduced reach saddle and handle bars added to the bike to square up my posture while riding. A chrome luggage rack and passenger backrest will be installed. I am also having Stage 1 exhaust installed with Fishtail tips! And the final items are front and rear chrome fender guards, sort of like bumpers on a car.
I am very excited and cannot wait to get my new baby home.

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