Getting better

I’ve been quiet for a while. A lot of things have happened, but I’ll make a long story short. The fights I had with my father and stepmother got out of hand, so now I’m living with my mother. I have to get used to a lot of things, like taking the bus to school instead of the bicycle, and the fact that mom gives me more freedom than I’m used to. I’m getting help with my suicidal thoughts and social anxiety, I still have a long way to go, but I believe I can say I’m pretty happy right now. I’m so grateful to be closer to my mother and my brothers and their families. I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever commented, or even just read my few posts. See ya!

P.s. I almost forgot a very important thing : in the summer holiday I got a boyfriend! He makes me smile every day and it feels really good to have him. He’s slowly making me realize that not everyone lies, that not everyone leaves, and that not everyone hates me.

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