Heart to Heart

Today sure was scary. All of my group members showed up for the meeting to practice for our presentation and I nervously starting the meeting saying that I needed to tell the something. I explained, that in the past year and a half, I’ve been mostly handling the group works and I’m really tired when people don’t put in the effort because I end up doing their part to make it better. I told them, I really appreciate it if you guys could help out because it’s really tiring and I know everyone has ‘other shit’ going on but it’s unfair for me. One of the guys was quite surprised, he let me know he was sorry and he’s really happy to help out. Everyone was in the same boat and felt that they were a bit drained from university this year. The honesty of today was great, I felt so much better because I wasn’t stressing on my own. Everyone made the effort to help out and contributed as much as they could. After this, I still didn’t have the heart to ask for feedback, I’m hoping I can be brave enough to do it next week. From reading the Authentic Leadership chapter and Achieving Relational Authenticity, I found that self-awareness and self-regulation is indeed very important because it acts as a means to monitor my performance.14642994_1063578633754786_1527521318_n14628105_1063578983754751_1457530945_n

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