Last Nights Dream Made Me Feel Loved Again

HOWDY! WOW, what a FUN dream last night! It all started out back at the one radio station I worked at. I was called in to sub for the late night dj. Felt weird being there again, that was like 10 years ago when I had worked there. I walked into the building and it was dark outside, summer weather, and as I walked into the small building, I seen a couple of people there I used to work with. Thought it was weird that anyone was there, being the late night shift, usually no one is there. The one person I recognized was the afternoon dj, so I said hi to her but like she usually did when I worked with her, she faked a smile and said hi and ran away. Some people. So then I just went into the studio where I tried to prepare everything for my late night radio shift. For some reason I wasn’t able to stand up straight, kept trying to get organized by moving the office things around but kept making a mess of it cause when I tried to move things on the desk, I fell and so did everything I touched. It was frustrating, I kept trying to turn on the computer screens but yet kept falling down unable to keep my balance. So I thought to myself maybe if I leave the room for a bit and regroup things would be better. As I exited the room, I felt fine but knew in the back of my mind I really needed to go back in there, especially cause I had to do the news live. As I exited the room I noticed more people were in the building and come to find out they were having a meeting. One guy came up to me and said it was so nice to see me again, I secretly had no idea who he was, but played it as if I did and said hi and then walked away cause I DID notice one person. That person was actually a lady I had met, who was an anchor at a local news station, thought it was weird she was there but same time I was super happy to see her! She gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek. Then the entire building changed from the radio station to a big old home with a bunch of frat house guys in there. Went into one room where everyone was excited to see me, yet I didn’t recognize the folks but enjoyed their enthusiasm. I sat on a couch with a few folks. Then a young “hot” guy walked into the room in a policeman uniform and sat right next to me, there wasn’t much room on the couch so he practically sat on me, lol. Then he wrapped his arms around me and started kissing the back of my neck. I jerked away cause I’m married and told him this then he said he was too and that, that, didn’t matter. Didn’t believe this young stud would really want anything to do with me, he was so young and me so old. I got up and walked away into another room where there was a ton of food. Then in walked two of my youngest sisters. As they walked in I pointed them in the direction where they could sleep for the night. As they left the room got dark and I continued walking into another room where there was a huge window and outside I saw it had snowed and then appeared a HUGE taller than me, wolf. I panicked cause for some reason I also had my two dogs in the house and was afraid if they saw this wolf, they would want to go outside and play with it, but I knew the wolf would only kill them. I ran to the other room to make sure the dogs were inside and not out, they were safe.

Trying to remember my dream, I should have written it right away, only putting pieces together. The only other thing I really remember was all the animal poop that was surrounding the house outside and people were tracking it inside and it was yucky.

Next time, I will write my dream right after I have it, lol, it’s easier to write the details when it’s fresh in your mind.

Going to go sing now and enjoy this beautiful sunny Friday, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Till next time, take care and be safe and live life to the fullest!

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