Today i finally caught up with my Sister in law, finally got to give her the details of my new boyfriend, sadly i completely forgot that she’s part of the family now and i feel so bad because  she found out through Facebook, nevertheless she was just glad that i’ve got someone who appreciates me.
Today we went shopping and of course my older brother decided to tag along which I’m used to because he never leaves us alone unless he is working. Lunch time arrived and we went to eat, during our meal my sister in law knew this was the only time she would be able to question me because time was running out. They began with the basics but with them i can’t lie so i came out with it and told them about our little disagreement. My brother was surprisingly calm although i could see he was probably already thinking of different ways to murder him.

Venting with my older brother and his wife was comforting, they listened and nodded and after gave their input, for one my brother said “It was kind of your mistake for trusting him completely as well” I know he hasn’t cheated or anything, his Ex just reappeared and spoke to him but its true, thats the reason i panicked so quickly because i was slightly caught of guard, it might not make sense but my brother knows me so well that he saw where i went wrong. 

My sister in law had the girl perspective and understood completely where i was coming from and just commented on the use of alcohol and didn’t agree with that part which come to think of it it isn’t right i know but it really did help take the edge off. 

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