I relapsed and that’s okay I feel nothing and that’s okay I am hurting and that’s okay my emotions are gone and I feel nothing I want to cut more than ever and now that the weather is cool I see my chance I see a way to hide it I see a way to pretend and still find relief I have no reason to feel sad yet I do there are people who deserve the pity and deserve to be comforted but I don’t I have no reason to feel this way yet I want someone to help me when In the end I don’t deserve help

One thought on “WordVomit5”

  1. Darling, if you need help then you deserve help. You sound depressed. I know cutting offers a temporary kind of relief. Because you feel helpless and the cutting makes you feel in control. Plus you want to let the pain “out.” But you will only be left with scars you will not want later on. Keep journaling; try counseling if you can. Get some help. You DO deserve it, dear. God bless.

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