Day 188 – First week of school done

Friday, September 2nd 2016

Today was interesting. Went to math first and we had a quiz. While doing the quiz, we were called for a presentation. It ended up being about school rules and dress codes (ooo, gonna seduce all the guys with my shoulder or knee that is shown through ripped jeans that’s apparently too revealing, but shorts is totally fine… -_-).

After that I had technology class. Kohai and I talked over the quiz and how we couldn’t solved the third question. We were given the chance to complete it during lunch and we decided to tell the teacher we weren’t taught that question. At lunch we told her and she gave us a hint, which ended up being the solution I had, but thought was wrong. I completed the quiz and joined my group of friends. Kohai came and joined as well. 

I had alimentation and we went outside at the school’s garden to take out the weeds and water the plants as well as cultivate the vegetables and fruits to cook later. There was a spider at some point and my old friend that we ended up pairing together because of being in the same class kept saying to not worry, but I kept reminding her that I do have a phobia so… I kept being reminded by the time I visited her cottage and there was a water spider and I cried out of fear. She probably remembered as well, even if it was back in 7th grade. Feels not that long ago. Remember it vividly. Not just that event, but the trip.

Other than that, I finished up my math homework in coding class and I went home, finished the path I was assigned to build on the Minecraft Beta server and then just watched YouTube as well as played some This War of Mine.

That’s all for today.

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