Friday night out

out with Dosung at my neighborhood and Hollywood.

Today was little different than typical Friday at work. Most of them didn’t show up at work after the party last night and some showed up after 12 PM and just stayed for little bit. I really love this laid back atmosphere. Love it! Only thing I want is to be able to work from home 😉 Yes, I have been always wanting this! One day, I will make it happen! For the first thing tho, I need to finish up this theme project successfully! Well, I’m actually dreaming everyday for the new theme goes to live 😉 this will be amazing!

Today, I worked till around 3 PM at work and spent rest of the day working on the side project. Did a my own hackathon! I finally implemented Google Maps API on my project and it’s now actually moving forward. Gotta mess around with Firebase now. A new thing to learn! exciting!!

Dosung came to pick me up at my work and we went to Korean Chinese place for dinner. Stuffed up so much we both had a hard time digest for a while lol. Ended up going out at my neighborhood and Hollywood. Tried 2 different bars and a sake place in the neighborhood then a night club in Hollywood. I really had a good time there and at the bars. Maybe drank little too much but totally worth it! Great time till almost 2 AM then took a Uber back to home.

Great time!

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