Good Saturday Morning….

A beautiful Saturday morning!
I slept poorly last night, perhaps my mind was filled with ideas of trips both far and near on my new Indian. I awakened after a few hours, then came downstairs to watch television. I finally returned to bed at my normal wake up time of 5:00am. And still I lay tossing and turning, unable to turn off my brain that was racing like a mad Hatter.
We were to join friends for an annual brunch at a local eatery, but time has caught up to us, so those plans are canceled. 
We are off to the Indian Dealership to sign the final copies of the sale agreement, but with the options I have purchased my bike will not be complete till towards the end of next week. There is a show next Sunday, I am tempted to ride in and see how this beautiful bike would do, as it will look like no other in town!
Yesterday I rode the Harley for the last time as I took it to the Indian Dealer. I thought I would be saddened as I was trading in a bike that I had always wanted, but the short ride was filled with twitchiness and vibration. I was in agony when I arrived, my hands numb, my lower back in screaming in pain. I was wet with sweat from the short ride. And as I opened her up for one last time, I felt her struggling at the 70 mph range, like she was looking for another gear. She was a great bike, but no longer the bike for this ol’ man.
I enjoy longer rides. I enjoy traveling the Highways. I have grown beyond an in town commute, I want to venture farther and farther and the old Harley just no longer fit the bill.


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