Hearing Voices After Doing EVP Continued

8/29/2016   4:45am


 These malevolent spirits that have been oppressing me for the past year and a half attacked me pretty bad with their constant menacing voices and physical attacks tonight. This is one of those nights where unfortunately “they” win and prevent me from getting any sleep at all. I tried taking some sleep aid before midnight but it failed to work.

I just tried going back to sleep at about 4am but I was unsuccessful. They seem to be escalating with the physical attacks in particular. The vibration sensations that they can cause me to feel were particularly strong this hour.  This is when this situation is a real shitty one.  Every damn night is a battle for sleep. Sleep, that most essential thing to every human being on the planet is something I have to struggle for because of the stupid mistakes that I made over a year and a half ago.

These evil spirits will often take up a catch phrase that they’ll keep repeating allot for a while just to be that much more annoying. Their catch phrase recently has been saying “you have no idea” in response to just about everything I say or think regarding them. They are extreme shit talkers. Everything that they say seems designed to cause you some form of psychological distress or to instill confusion. This is something that becomes more easily recognizable over time. But it’s obvious by now that this is where their power lies, no matter what threats they throw at me….it’s always talk and little action.

Sometimes they make some claim that the real reason that they are haunting me is …..(such and such), and I’m just like “really, you’ve waited a year and a half to finally tell me that, this is the first time you’ve ever mentioned that, but let me guess, this is the real truth this time.”

In my opinion at least, with some of these entities, their inability to control their own deceiving is actually a weakness and something that can be used against them. Essentially, the more that they deceive and change their stories around, the faster one will stop believing anything that they say.  Sometimes I truly wonder if deceiving is just instilled in their nature or if they are receiving some form of training in the craft of lies. I’ve seen enough accounts of this situation that I’ve picked up upon some of these common tactics that they employ such as the good cop / bad cop ploy, repeating the same phrases over and over again until it becomes like a song stuck in your head, to saying the back and forth of things (or saying one thing, then start saying the complete opposite.)

In some accounts, we’ve even heard the same phrases being spoken by these entities such as “we lift you up to take you down.”  I do sense at least some level of organization among them. They seem to have a playbook that they follow, though of course they will adapt it differently to varying degrees based upon the individual that they oppress.



They did it to me again last night, they deprived me of a whole night of sleep. I was barely staying awake all day at work, barely able to get anything done. This reaffirms to me that I still need the help of sleep aids, but last night they failed. The sensations that these entities have been inflicting on me over the past few days have been more intense than usual. Last night, aside from the usual vibration sensations that I feel, it felt for a while that someone had grabbed onto my shoulders and was trying to shake me.

I was hearing the voices allot stronger today as well. This usually happens when I’m in a bad mood or sleep deprived. Right above my desk at my work there is a vent for the air conditioning. All day long, whenever the air was running, I was hearing these voices speaking to me through the vent, spewing their usual insults and negative comments.



I knew that this was going to happened. They really fouled up my sleep routine for the week and now it’s a struggle to get back to normal again. The other night I got no sleep at all. Last night I only got about 3 hours. This evening when I got home from work, I felt so exhausted that I went straight to bed at around 6pm. As soon as I got into bed, “they” started up with the physical attacks. It felt like something was crawling around on me. But despite their best efforts, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep within minutes.  I just woke up right before midnight. So that’s six hours of sleep there. It’s a start. But the problem is, will I be able to get back to sleep now?

 I just took a shot of sleep aid. I’ll see if it works. One shot is all I’ll take being that it’s this late. Sometimes if I have more than one dose, I wake up feeling like I have a mild hangover. It’s unusually quite right now. I don’t hear any voices. In a way, the silence is deafening. I don’t hear anything at all. I wonder if “they” are even here right now. I’ve often wondered if they stick around most of the time while I’m asleep or if they go somewhere else. There was a phase last year when I’m pretty sure that they were messing with my dreams deliberately (I do think that they have the ability to do this) but they have backed off from that recently. Last year I would have these frequent nightmares and sometimes it was like I would hear them laughing at me while the nightmare was happening and then as soon as I awoke, I would hear them laughing in an instant.

Wow, this is weird, I’m listening….listening……I hear nothing. I hear nothing at all.  It’s like a break in the storm. I’ll make another attempt at sleep now.


9/2/2016 1:45am

No good, I tried to get back to sleep but it was no good. There was no physical annoyances, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, it seemed like I was surrounded by a room full of whispery voices, and then the same deeper male voice started speaking to me over the hum of my refrigerator again.  Again, I know that that sounds crazy but that’s often how these spirits like to project their voices, over existing sounds to make themselves heard louder.

Now since I did take a shot of sleep aid, I feel all drowsy but I still couldn’t sleep. What will probably happen is that I’ll feel like sleeping at about the time that I usually wake up and start getting ready for work. That’s what happened to me the other morning. It was a brutal struggle just to force myself to get myself out the door and to work. An then the eight hours at work was even more brutal.

This week is now so fouled up as far as my sleep routine goes. It’s been a combination of sleep aids and coffee all week. I can’t wait for the weekend when hopefully I can get my sleep routine back in order. This week was just another example of how the oppression of these malevolent spirits really intrudes into just about every aspect of my personal life. Aside from any other name that I can call this situation, I can accurately label it a spirit intrusion situation because intrude is certainly what they deliberately do.  I very often hear them say:

“this is our condo”

Or “this is our condo but you need to stick around to pay the bills.”

I foolishly opened the door for them last year by dabbling with EVP and they barged right into my home and my life and they haven’t left since. They follow me to work, when I’m driving in my car they harass me by causing me poking and jabbing sensations that seem to be coming up through the car seat. They follow me if I go to visit friends. They follow me everywhere I go. A spirit attachment and intrusion and I stress intrusion is exactly what it is.

Ok, my eyelids feel like they weigh a ton. I guess I’ll give sleep another try. Here goes attempt # 2 for the night.


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