Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication : Cont……


Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get my sleep routine back on track. These evil spirits that are oppressing me got the better of me this week by keeping me awake for a few nights with their constant chatter and the physical disturbances that they cause me. I’ve been making progress in getting away from using beer as an “improvised sleep aid” and just sticking with the stuff I get at the local pharmacy, but this week that failed me completely.

I’ll try again though, but if I keep having problems I may have to see about getting back on Ambien which I was on for a short time last year. I’ve got to find something that works on a regular basis without too many side effects. I have to sleep to live and be a functional person, it’s that simple. I’ll keep trying with the regular sleep aids for now though. I’ve already desensitized myself to so much that these entities have thrown at me but when they mess with my sleep like this it’s still a very serious problem for me.

The voices I hear are still spewing the same negative criticisms of me as always. This is something very common in these negative spirit attachment situations and is essentially just another tactic that these malevolent spirits use to wear down their victim psychologically. These evil spirits enjoy criticizing me and berating me for all of my sins and character flaws. They try and set themselves up to be some kind of judges of me yet they are constantly exaggerating everything. I’m not perfect, far from it, but these entities try and get under your skin and instill guilt and fear in you by harassing you about things that you’ve done in your life. I’ve seen this in numerous cases such as mine where people have started hearing menacing voices after engaging in some form of spirit communication.

They try and make you hate yourself by exaggerating dirt from your past (or present) to an extreme level. Again, this is just another one of their means of psychological attack. For myself, I over came all concern about their judgments of me by more or less asking myself why I would even care what evil spirits thought about me.

They are malicious, intrusive and tyrannical to an extreme degree and I don’t give a damn about their judgements. Any little thing you do that could cause you any guilt, they’ll try and make you feel like the most evil person in the world and act like you deserve their punishment.

Now of course we all have to try and make peace with who we are, but these entities only act all judgmental as a means to instill anxiety and fear in you. Before long, they start giving away their secrets and their bag of tricks as well, one just needs to be observant of this and never believe anything they say just because of the fact that’s it’s coming from spirits.

They twist and distort everything around to try and get you into a state where they can easily manipulate you. They don’t have the power they talk themselves up to have and falling for their deceptions only gives them more power. Yes, they can annoy the hell out of me and unfortunately still mess with my sleep like they did this week, but they can’t take away my free will. Ultimately it comes down to me and how I deal with my life from here on out while I’m living with this situation.

I can either look at my life now as a glass half empty or a glass half full. But the choice is still mine, like it always was. They can’t change that.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Negative Spirits: Psychological Warfare Specialist

  This afternoon when I got home from work, I tried to take a nap and rest up for a bit. I don’t know why I bothered because this hardly ever succeeds.  Practically every time I try to take an afternoon siesta, I’m unable to because these negative spirits that haunt me talk allot of trash constantly and create allot of annoying physical sensations on my body that make dozing off extremely difficult. This afternoon was no exception. I was unable to get to sleep or even rest because of them.
  I then went out to my living room and sat in a lounger with a cup of coffee and a book. Almost immediately, I started to feel the all too familiar vibration sensation on my lower body and the voices just wouldn’t quit. They follow me to work, they follow me out and about everywhere I go. They are attached it would so very much seem.
  Am I being a bit too harsh on them by calling them evil spirits, negative spirits and the like?  Am I just misunderstanding something about them? The fact is that they seem hell-bent on causing as much disruption to my life, at all times as possible. They try and deprive me of sleep (and unfortunately they sometimes succeed) they try and break my concentration and focus on anything by incessantly chattering away. Pretty much everything they say to me is some kind of insult, derogatory comment, critical statement, threat, or some attempt at playing some twisted mind game.
  They call themselves “evil spirits.” To me, this is what they most often refer to themselves as and they seem to be proud of it.  Now a days they just rant nonsensical  bullshit with the occasional attempt at spinning a new psychological mind game.  They attempt to play a game of guess who we are. Over the course of a single day they may claim themselves to be “Lucifer’s Lieutenants” or “Humans who didn’t want you to pray for us” (this is referring back to the beginning months of this in 2015, when they deceived me with their “Help Me” EVPS).
  Last week they were telling me that they were
“suicidal maniacs”
and “we’re suicidal maniacs from the Planet Siri” (where ever that is)
  The most frequent voice that I hear (quite literally by the hour) sounds like a young late teens/early 20-ish female voice and I have seen this same description in a few other accounts as well. Her voice never changes but what she claims herself to be often does. For example, this afternoon she claimed to be Lucifer him/her -self for a little while. There is no figuring it all out with certainty. I realized that quite awhile back. I have no idea if these are human spirits or non-human spirits but I’ll grant to them that they are evil spirits which as I said, is what they claim to be.
  I remember seeing in one account that I found online, that these evil spirits told a person that they were “psychological warfare specialist” and I will certainly grant them that title as well. They are indeed perhaps the greatest of all psychological warfare specialist ever. But if you can see through the illusions that they fabricate, you realize that they are not all that they make themselves out to be. Sure, absolutely, I hate the fact that they yap at me constantly and that they can cause physical sensations and such when I’m trying to sleep, but after all this time, that’s all they really do and the more I become desensitized to it, the less effect it has on me and hopefully one day soon, it will hardly have any effect at all.




Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: Negative EVP Spirits

 Just the other day while I was driving to a local store, I heard the voice (quite clear) of the all too familiar female voice that has been tormenting me since the beginning, (the one I just refer to as “#1), say over the sound of my car’s air conditioner

“we are on jury duty

“there’s a big question mark on you”

   Every once an awhile they’ll say something out of the blue that will get me thinking. They’ll get me thinking about what they meant by this or that statement. They’ll say something that will get me wondering if there was some kind of deeper meaning there. But then I have to catch myself and remember that I don’t care about anything that they say. I don’t want to hear it. These same voices have consistently lied to me over and over again and have caused some serious disruptions in my life. They intrude into my life at all times and chatter constantly with no regard what so ever for my privacy or well being. These particular spirits that do this to me are negative spirits. They go well beyond just being mischievous.  They are intruding tormentors. Even if they occasionally say something interesting, I know it’s not worth it to me to dwell on it or even give it much thought at all.  If I go back to following with interest what they are saying to me, then I’m going right back down Alice’s Rabbit Hole, basically where I was back when this all started for me back in the Spring of 2015, which is a bad place to be.
  Of course I don’t deny that I got myself into this mess. I went poking around where I probably wasn’t suppose to go when I was doing EVP. Again, I just want to say that of course not every ones experiences with EVP are as disastrous as mine were. Some may have far more positive and fascinating experiences, but just like with most things in life, there are also dangers. Sometimes when doing EVP, you could be communicating with the wrong element (unless that is your intention of course, but it certainly wasn’t mine.)
  I have heard repeatedly from these tormenting spirit voices that I hear everyday through clairaudience

“you’re not supposed to know about it”

They’ve said this statement to me so consistently that at least with this statement, I feel I have little reason to doubt that they mean what they say from their perspective.
 But back in the first few months of all of this, these negative spirits had me running around in circles because to a large degree, I was either believing the things that they told me me, or I was spending way too much time contemplating them. It’s only when I became very suspect and even disinterested in their words that things began to improve for me.
 I’m back where I started essentially. I have little more answers about the Great Beyond than when I started doing EVP. My efforts were jammed with voices that lied and tormented. Now I just want to try and live a normal life again as much as possible, but it is difficult because these negative spirits do not seem like they are ready to leave me alone yet. They know that I can still hear them much of the time and they know that they can still cause me disruptions and annoyance to me with things like the physical sensations that they do when I’m trying to sleep.
  But I know that if I go back to pondering and dwelling upon the content of what these voices say, then that puts me in an even worse place, a place where I fought hard to get away from. I still hear them yes, but they lie so much that it’s all just “Kool-Aid” to me now



Thursday, September 29, 2016

Insomnia Rant


   Just an insomnia rant here, “they” just attacked me pretty good when I was trying to sleep just now.  Most every night I get this weird vibration sensation that seems to either move around my body or focus on certain areas.  Just as I was literally dozing off tonight, “they” started up with the vibration stuff but this time they made it more intense than usual.  I just took a shot of sleep-aid, I’m just waiting here for it to start to take effect, then I’ll try and get some sleep again. I hope the sleep-aid doesn’t fail me. I hate when “they” keep me awake all night with the voices and the physical stuff. When they do this, it usually fouls up my sleep routine for days.
  I tried reasoning with these malevolent spirits today. I don’t know why, but I gave it another shot.  It’s utterly pointless. I may as well reason with a paint can. At least a paint can doesn’t yap all the time. These malevolent spirits that I’m dealing with just seem so empty inside (no morals). There’s literally nobody home to talk to to try and resolve things. They seem entirely all about trying to torment me as much as possible. This is when I really suspect that perhaps these are not human spirits that I’m dealing with but something else. They just treat me like I’m some other kind of other life form. But this is just speculation. I have no way of knowing and it’s something that I’m often very back and forth on.
  I know this blog may seem very repetitive at times, that I’m just talking about the same things over and over, but that’s kind of how it is anymore. It’s at a point of attrition now where these negative spirits just pull the same stunts over and over, day in and day out. In minor ways, they seem to try and escalate things every now and again, but it’s never to the degree that it was last year.
  When they bring on the insomnia like this, well this is when I do allot of my writing. I know it’s not a good thing to focus too much attention on this stuff, but at times it gives me a means to vent.  I actually feel allot calmer after I do a bit of writing. It’s like I’m letting out my frustrations with this situation.  So again, apologies for being so redundant but in a way, that is kind of what this situation can be like. The same kind of abuses leveled at you day in and day out. That’s it for now. I’m going to try again to get some sleep. Hopefully I won’t be back tonight writing but I have a feeling, more like I’m certain that this won’t be my last insomnia rant.




Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Developing Clairaudience from Doing EVP

  Just this past weekend I was doing some work on the side to earn a little extra cash. I was using a piece of equipment (and air blower) to clear out and winterize some plumbing lines of water. I noticed that over the steady noise of the machine, I could still hear these spirit voices coming through quite strong. At my work, there’s a ceiling fan that runs quite often, I still hear them quite strongly through that as well. Also (and this will sound strange) I hear a voice pretty much everyday and every night coming through the sound of my home refrigerator.  If I’m sitting in my chair, trying to read, there it is, talking away.  I live in a small condo, so when the noise of the frig kicks on, I can hear it in every room.  Most nights, part of my struggle to get to sleep (aside from the physical sensations and the whispery voices that seem to surround me), I hear a clearer voice coming in over the refrigerator, it’s usually talking crap, trying to freak me out. I just find it damn annoying anymore, but the voice is clearly there speaking to me.
  Right now as I write this, I can hear more whispery voices but I’m mostly hearing the all too familiar younger female sounding voice, the one I refer to as “#1”, speaking to me over the sound of my air conditioning system.  Sometimes I still hear them in the shower over the noise of the running water. As strange as this may sound, hearing these voices speak over steady sources of background noise noise has been a consistent part of this experience since the very beginning. I cannot fully explain it, but it’s almost as if these spirits are manipulating the sound waves so that their voices are carried over them.  In this way, I can hear them louder.  If there is no steady background noise present, then the voices tend to usually (but there are exceptions) be much fainter, often whispery in nature.
  Other times it seems like the voices get in a little closer and speak directly in my ear in order to be heard louder. This is when I’ll often literally feel a faint breath hitting one of my ear lobes (usually it’s my left ear, they seem to favor that one).  When one of these spirit voices gets right up in my ear like this (and it’s almost always “#1”) the voice is still faint overall, but there is a sharpness to it that’s hard to describe.  It’s like a little, but crisp voice speaking directly into my ear.
  In the very beginning of this ordeal, for the first few months, hearing these menacing voices coming in over other sounds was extreme in it’s intensity. It’s as if anything that made a steady noise would spew out voices. Sometimes there was this strange somewhat electric distortion quality to them.I remember on a few occasions where simply vacuuming my carpets turned into a terrifying ordeal as the voices would come through very strong over the noise of the running vacuum.
   I remember a couple of occasions during the summer of 2015 when because of the heat, I would run the ceiling fan in my room all night long, but the voices coming in over the fan noise made it terribly difficult to get any sleep at all. 
   My job involves working with swimming pools, and even still today, when I’m around a running pool pump or a pool with a running water feature, I’ll hear these spirit voices making smart ass comments to me.  It’s literally like some form of clairaudience overload.  I know how bizarre this all sounds with my claims of hearing these voices speaking to me through the noise of appliances and machines and such…..but that’s literally how it is.  I know many might say that it’s my mind looking for voice patterns in the noise, but I feel this goes beyond that…  it’s very real and intense at times…, one who hasn’t experienced it may have a hard time relating to these descriptions of how I hear them. And aside from the voices, I have to deal with very real physical abuses as well and also some other strange experiences that I simply have no rational explanation for.
   So yeah, it may seem strange, but when I crawl into my bed tonight, I know I’ll probably hear a voice talking to me over the humming noise of my refrigerator, just like last night and the night before and the night before, that’s just how it goes for now.



Monday, September 26, 2016

A Danger of Spirit Communication

Tonight I was just pondering that perhaps my writing about my own experiences with spirit communication and interaction have been a bit too doom and gloom, too focused on the dangers and negative aspects that are possible. To be honest, sure I know that it’s not all doom and gloom and negative in this field/area of research that so many these days are either involved with directly or take some level of interest in.  I know that most peoples experiences with allot of this does not turn into the disaster that I’ve experienced. However, this danger that I write about regarding having voice hearing and physical attacks brought about as a result of communication with unknown spirits is very real, there is no doubt in my mind….I know what I’ve experienced personally and I’ve found many other cases of it and am finding more all the time.
  There are already plenty of people out there doing fascinating research in the paranormal field, their work is often very interesting and can be inspiring. But there are also many dangers to all of this as well and one of them is to start hearing these constant intrusive voices as well as possibly experiencing physical intrusions/attacks. This run-in with the dark side of the spirit world is what I have and still am experiencing to this day. The danger of it is real, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I talk about it. I would never want anyone else to have to go through these experiences so I at least want it to known that one possible danger of being involved with this is to start hearing voices.
If people decide to pursue any type of contact with spirits, I certainly hope that they stay safe , but I think we should all know what the dangers are before we go down a particular road and this is what one of the dangers of spirit communication looks like. This is what I’ve experienced, this is what I write about……perhaps the experiences that I share will be prove useful to someone someday



The “Help Me” Ploy

In my own case, and in others that I’ve seen, for many of us, while we were still involved with recording EVPs early on, many of us would often hear voices on our recordings saying “help me” or asking for help in one way or another.  I heard this quite often and I fell for it myself. I know that it’s a popular belief out there that the living can help lost souls or earth bound spirits and such to “cross over into the Light”, I can’t confirm or deny this is possible in a general sense, but what I do suspect is that malevolent spirits (like the ones I was unknowingly communicating with) will play on this notion and ask for help in order to further lure a person into interacting with them, and in the case of EVP, of attuning their ears to hear them better on the recordings….and in my case and others…we started to hear them constantly outside of the recordings. So I think that in at least some of these circumstances, the “help me” stuff is nothing more that a trap…I walked into it blindly and paid dearly for it. “Help Me” is one of the most common responses heard on EVP recordings, I’m just saying, tread with caution, or even better yet, don’t get involved with spirit communication at all. The dangers are very real. The warnings about it going back to ancient times are there for a reason and most likely originate from experiences that unfortunately are too often brushed aside in this day and age.
  Some of these malevolent spirits are essentially predators, they’re looking for people they can deceive into interacting with them, they’ll stoop pretty low and can be very crafty in luring people in to a false sense of security. Looking back now, I can’t believe how naive and stupid I was to fall for their lies…but it all went down so damn fast and before I knew it, it was too late and I was struck with this condition of hearing voices which I still live with day to day now. I can pretty much say with certainty, that sometimes the “help me” stuff is a ploy and a trap.




Tuesday, September 27, 2016

EVP Can Lead to Danger

Where as in my case, I started doing EVP simply out of my own interest, my own curiosity. It’s something that I had seen done on television and had read about in books. For whatever reason, I decided to give it a try in the winter of 2015. But in a few cases I’ve seen, this same situation of a condition of voice hearing being brought on after doing EVP, these individuals were responding to and investigating on their own strange occurrences that were talking place in their homes. In one case, a person was hearing footsteps in their home at night. In another case, a person was hearing voices through various existing sounds in the house. Wanting to know if there was anything going on, EVP seemed like a good means to investigate this. To their surprise, they did indeed capture voices on their recordings, and just like in my own situation, at first these voices seemed seeming harmless, even benevolent but before too long, they changed their tune, became malevolent, came out of the recordings, and these individuals began hearing these menacing spirit voices around the clock with just their ears.
 Trying to investigate any suspected paranormal activity in your home could be one of the worst mistakes you could ever make. I think it’s likely, that these malevolent earthbound spirits know who the individuals are who are perhaps more open to detecting their presence and hence they’ll do things to try and bait them into a situation where they are communicating with them directly and giving them an opportunity to attach or attack. One of these possible outcomes is that YOU COULD START HEARING VOICES NON-STOP. Just to stress this as it’s literally the focus of my whole blog here…for some individuals, engaging in any form of spirit communication could lead to a condition of hearing voices and possibly even suffering from direct physical attacks. If you are experiencing any suspected paranormal activity in your home, you must take into consideration that you could be dealing with spirit entities that are a hell of allot older and craftier than you and will stoop pretty low to lure you in to interacting with them. In many cases I’ve seen, some of these voices initially try and sound like children or departed loved ones, often they say things like “Help Me”.  Now are some EVPs actually from someones departed loved ones, sure, maybe, but is there a possibility you’re just being deceived and set up for a trap….you bet your ass…and if you take the bait and fall into the trap…there is a very real possibility that you could end up with this condition of hearing tormenting voices all the time… it really worth the risk to investigate it on your own? Sometimes it’s best just to ignore and not take the bait.



Monday, September 26, 2016

The Final Showdown is Coming Soon

 For the past few days, I’ve been hearing from these spirit voices that are oppressing me that:
“we’re going to have our final showdown with you very soon”
and also
“we’re preparing for our final showdown with you”
  I can almost yawn when I hear this kind of thing from them now. I remember vividly back in the first few weeks of this ordeal (back in the Spring of 2015) when they used to threaten me with “execution” all the time.  I would often hear things such as “your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.”
  In the very beginning,  I was so out of it with panic and fear that I actually fell for their bullshit lies. To no great surprise “tomorrow morning” would always come and go and nothing would ever happen (except hearing them yapping non-stop).
 Then they used to push my execution dates out a little further and I would hear them say “your execution is scheduled for next Thursday morning.”
Perhaps this was some scheme to try and prolong my anxiety about my scheduled execution at the hands of these malevolent entities. But guess what, “next Thursday” came and went as well and nothing ever happened (except hearing them yapping non-stop)
  So I’m afraid I’m not going to freak out here now that they’re saying that they are preparing for their final showdown with me.  It’s just more of the same old dumb shit that they always spew. They’re just trying to get me to “drink the Kool-Aid” again because this seems to be what they do and how they spend most of their time. They spew lies and other assorted bullshit hoping their target will believe them and then be manipulated.
 Somehow I just get the feeling that our “final showdown” is going to consist of them yapping allot. I’m done with drink the Kool-Aid.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Just Wanted A Damn Nap !!!

 I so miss some of the simple pleasures that I used to enjoy but can no longer now since I’ve been living with this condition of hearing voices and experiencing physical sensations and attacks. As I’ve stated in my previous post, this all started for me after I had been personally experimenting with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) for just two months in the winter of 2015.  Since around that time, I have been stricken with a condition of hearing voices and yes, many of the voices that I hear today are the very same voices that I was hearing and capturing on my EVP recordings back in 2015.
   Aside from the voices that I hear on a day to day (often hour to hour) basis now, I also experience physical sensations, abuses, attacks, intrusions…..they are all of these.  These physical sensations usually occur whenever I am trying to rest/sleep.  They are present practically every night. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I usually start feeling strange vibrations moving around my body.  I often feel something small literally clinging to me. Sometimes it’s like a bizarre tickling sensation but they usually target areas of my body that cause me the most annoyance and discomfort and make it extremely difficult for me to get off to sleep easily.  
  Practically every night I have to take a sleep-aid but occasionally the sleep-aid will fail me which results in my being kept awake sometimes for the entire night by the constant voices and physical sensations.  Just this evening when I came home from work, I was feeling a little worn down, so I thought I would try and take a quick nap for a couple of hours. This was not to be unfortunately. The physical sensations and the voices were constant and I was unable to get any real rest at all.  Of course this isn’t the first time that this has happened. Rarely now do I ever get to enjoy an afternoon nap. I guess this blog post here is just a brief rant about how I miss the little simple pleasures that I once enjoyed.


Hearing Voices from Outside the Window

I just want this brief blog post to note something that I experienced in the early days of my spirit obsession/oppression ordeal and also that I recently saw in another account of this situation. The experience is that of hearing voices that seem to originate from right outside the window of whatever particular room one is in at the time.

Now certainly, I’ve heard these malevolent spirit voices a number of ways and they most often sound like they are right there in the room with me. But I do recall on numerous occasions, hearing these voices from what seemed like right outside of my window. I remember one occasion in particular, back in March of 2015, when I was really becoming a nervous wreck over how the situation was escalating when one night I tried to make peace with these spirits. This was just a few weeks before they attacked me full force, so at the time I still didn’t realize how truly malevolent they were.

  I remember waking up early the next morning, while it was still dark outside, hearing the all too familiar female voice of the one that I call “#1” saying repeatedly

“Brian’s back”

Her voice seemed to be originating from right outside of my bedroom window. There were numerous occasions as well when I heard these malevolent voices as if they were speaking to me from right outside of a window. I haven’t experienced this as much in the past few months, but when recently, I saw it mentioned in another account, it jogged my memory of just how often I did experience this. I’m not sure if there’s any significance to it. Perhaps it’s just another scare tactic that these malevolent spirits employ, I just can’t say with certainty, but since I saw it mentioned in another account, I thought it at least worth noting.


Friday, October 7, 2016

The Kool-Aid

 Recently, these malevolent spirit voices that I hear on a day to day basis have been trying to convince me that I’m responsible for ushering in the start of the Apocalypse. Yeap, it’s going to be my fault. They spun this elaborate story that I was fulfilling a prophecy which states more or less, that there would be a human that prayed for the wrong spirits that would unleash Lucifer and his lieutenants loose upon the world. This references something that happened while I was still doing EVP recordings in the winter of 2015. Back while I was still recording, I would occasionally hear voices say “Help Me.”  I did not respond to this initially, but I kept hearing this “Help Me” on more and more of my recordings. Finally, one evening while doing a recording session, I asked the question, “what can I do to help you.”  I heard numerous voices responding with “pray for us.”  I was very confused by this at first. Over the next few weeks, I would ask this question several more times and the response was almost always the same……. numerous voices saying “pray for us.”

  One of the voices that I heard on my recordings occasionally went by the name Lucy. Well, as you can imagine, when my EVP experience went from fascinating and benevolent to becoming a horrific nightmare, I was told that Lucy was actually Lucifer all along. But before this was revealed to me, I thought that Lucy was one of the kinder, more benevolent spirits that I had been communicating with all along. It’s a long story which I have written about in other post, but when things started to go really bad for me, I was in such a distraught state of mind, that I did end up praying for what I thought was this group of benevolent spirits that had asked so often for my prayers.

  Later on, I was tormented by voices bombarding me over and over again with

“you prayed for the wrong spirits” and “you shouldn’t have prayed for spirits that didn’t want your prayers.”

 Over the past year and a half since this ordeal all began for me, many strange storylines have come and gone. These malevolent spirits are always switching things up. They’ll try and get you to believe one storyline that they are telling you, then a while later, they’ll drop that storyline and change it to something else. Now just recently, this issue of my praying for the wrong spirits has resurfaced. And now they are telling me that it was all a part of some ancient prophecy and that I had inadvertently ushered in the initial stages of no less than the Apocalypse….the END OF THE WORLD as we know it.

 Now let’s just step back here for a moment and assess this idea. If this were actually the case, that would kind of make it a rather big deal I would say. Yet, they waited a year and a half and after many other equally strange storylines that they’ve concocted have come and gone, to finally reveal this ultra-massively important revelation to me. Something about this just doesn’t sit right with me.

 I admit, for quite a long time in the beginning stages of this ordeal, they often had me believing the nonsense that they were telling me.  In essence, I was drinking “the Kool-Aid.”  That is what they are…..serious “Kool-Aid” peddlers. It is extremely important in the effort to take away their power over your mind to not get hung up on their fabricated lies. They’ll pretty much say just about anything hoping that you’ll believe them, hoping that you’ll take the bait and then they can once again drive you into a state of fear and panic where they can easily manipulate you. It is imperative to never buy into their bogus storylines. Never drink the “Kool-Aid” that they are peddling.



 I went out on my back deck to smoke a cigarette or two or even three.  I had just been out there smoking about half an hour before but there was little else that I could do to pass the time that even remotely helped me to calm my nerves.  I was now spending the majority of my days either lying in bed, unable to sleep or even rest, just staring at the walls enduring a constant barrage of menacing voices and physical abuses at the hands of these unknown, but without a doubt, malevolent spirits that had been tormenting me on an ever increasing basis ever since I had dabbled with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) only a few months prior, back during the winter months of 2015.

  I remember it was a bright and sunny warm afternoon in April. As I sat out on my back deck smoking, it seemed like my senses were becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of tormenting voices that I was hearing. All around me, I was hearing voices that were mocking me, berating me, and threatening me. I vividly remember the all too familiar female voice that I consider my primary tormentor saying

“this is the biggest haunting of all time”

 There was a slight breeze that afternoon and the various voices seemed to ricochet and multiply off of the sound of the breeze sweeping through the trees. This strange effect increased to the point to where it seemed like I was literally in the center of an enormous sports stadium and I was being mocked and berated by thousands upon thousands of voices. The sheer scale of this terrifying voices effect almost paralyzed me with dread right on the spot. It was like a wind storm of voices was slamming through my mind.

 I was filled with fearful thoughts. I wondered if this was what every day was going to be like now…every day for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, this turned out to not be the case at all.  I only experienced this terrifying, nightmarish “Stadium Effect” a hand full of times and these occasions were all early on in my ordeal.  Looking back now, it seems like some sort of shock & awe tactic used by these spirits to instill an extreme level of fear in me. On those few occasions when I did experience this “Stadium Effect” of voices, my mind was literally taken to the edge of the breaking point. It is something that I hope I never have to endure again and it is certainly an experience that I will not soon forget.


Mind Games

“you’ve started the Apocalypse!”

  I know these two things for certain.  Don’t stare at the Sun and don’t believe malevolent spirits. This quote above is one I’ve been hearing from them for the past couple of days from these malevolent spirits that have been harassing me for the past year and a half. At every turn they are bombarding me with psychological mind games. These tormenting malevolent spirits do not only harass you with voices, they want their voices to stick, to sink into your mind and spread the infection of dwelling upon the contents of them. They are very crafty and devious. They will concoct elaborate and frightening storylines to fill you with worry and fear to sow confusion and to attempt to force you into a state of mind that leaves you wide open to their manipulations. I have seen that in pretty much every case of this voices based spirit oppression that I’ve found. And that is always important for someone going through this situation to remember. They do this to everyone. Never believe that you have been singled out, you alone for this extreme level of abuse.  Their main weapons and means of attack are psychological mind games and once you recognize this and anticipate this, you can deflate their assaults and render their mind game attacks futile and useless.

  They will claim to be telling you things of the utmost importance yet these important things will always change. Or perhaps they will tell you one thing is true over and over but then they will tell you something that is the complete opposite. Recognize it right away for what it is…psychological mind games. Render them useless by exposing their lies for what they truly are…just lies.

March, 2015 ….The Month of Escalation

 March, 2015 was what I consider to be a month of escalation in my ordeal of hearing voices and experiencing physical disturbances after my own personal experimentation with EVP throughout January and February of 2015. By mid-February, I had begun to hear negative voices on my recordings. These voices mostly consisted of insults, threats, profanity and more. By the end of February, I had had my first incidents of hearing these menacing voices outside of my recordings with just my ears. The first incident occurred at my work when I heard their voices coming in over the noise of a fan. By March, I was experiencing an increasing level of incidents of hearing these voices. I remember driving home from work one day with music playing and hearing my name being spoken over the sound of my car stereo.  Then, a few days later, I heard my name being spoken again over my home stereo. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear the sound of voices speaking in the room directly below mine (I was living alone in my house at the time). One morning I awoke experiencing strange vibration sensations that seemed to be localized to certain areas of my body. Then a few days later, while on my couch watching television, I experienced these weird vibration sensations again.  One night while driving home after having dinner at a relative’s house, I heard voices speaking through the sound of my car engine.

 Then something even more troubling began to happen. At night, as soon as I got into bed, I began to feel what I can only describe as a finger literally coming up through the mattress and poking me sharply in my lower back.  I would jump out of my bed in a panic, go outside and smoke a cigarette to try and calm myself down.  Off in the distance, I swore I would often hear a clear voice saying things like “stop”…”stop playing with them.”  I did not understand what these apparent warnings meant at the time but I wish I had. Every time I crawled into bed, there it was again, the feeling of a finger poking me in my back. This would keep me awake for some time on some nights. I would get into bed, then jump out in a panic, back and forth this went on some nights for hours. I reached the point where I had to start taking sleep aids so that I could get to sleep within a reasonably short amount of time.

  Another disturbing thing started to occur in March, 2015. There were a few occasions when I would go into my work and find voicemail messages left by these same harassing spirit voices that I had heard back when I was doing EVP recordings and that I had more recently been hearing with just my ears on an ever increasing basis. Often, at this time, I was hearing these harassing voices coming in over sources of steady background noises such as fans, etc… I was reaching a point where I would deliberately go out of my way to avoid places where I knew that there would be allot of steady sounds and noises in the background, for example, …rooms with a running fan.  These harassing voices soon began to come through practically any steady sound. I vividly remember hearing them torment me over the sound of the running water in my shower.  Their intrusion into my life and my personal space was increasing by the day.  I remember hearing them once through the sound of my gas stove as I boiled a pot of water to make a cup of instant coffee. I remember hearing my name being spoken over the sound of my washing machine one evening. All of these types of incidents increased in number throughout the month of March, 2015. Yet at this point, I was not hearing these voices on a constant, non-stop basis. That nightmare was shortly to begin in early April, and as troubling and distressing as I found these bizarre occurrences during this month of escalation, I was not in any way prepared for what I was about to experience during the following month. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


   Though my own brief experimentation with EVP resulted in utter disaster, I do recognize that for many that do venture into this field of research, these types of life altering, troubling disturbances are never (or at least rarely) experienced, at least not often to this extreme degree where as a result of their EVP activity, they are stricken with a condition of hearing voices outside of their recordings for a prolonged basis.  Though my brief experimentation with EVP did not end well, in fact, it would be more accurate to say simply that it did not end in that the voices that at one time I was only hearing upon playback of my recordings, I still hear on a day to day basis, only now I hear them with just my ears. I hear them every day and have for the past year and a half now…long after I have quit doing EVP altogether. But since that time that I was doing EVP back in the winter of 2015, something about my hearing has changed and I have as of yet been unable to completely change it back.  It is as if now I can hear “into” noises and sounds in a strange way. I can hear into silence itself and there I find them, these voices, these voices that speak directly to me, these voices that are always a constant intrusion into my life. These voices can be most menacing, most disruptive and this seems to me to be the goal that they seek to achieve.

   Many who will take up EVP, will never hear the voices in this manner. They may only hear them on recordings, and then sometimes only intermittently. What they hear, what the voices say, may often seem benign, non-threatening, perhaps benevolent, even humorous, and who am I to say that that they are truly not.  Perhaps sometimes, the EVP voices originate from more benevolent or at least non-threatening sources. But what I do know after experiencing what I’ve experienced and seeing numerous accounts very similar to my own, is that sometimes these voices that are heard on EVP recordings originate from sources that I have no doubt, are very hostile in nature. Perhaps I am being a pessimist some might say, but many don’t live with this condition that I’ve been stricken with, of living in some type of clairaudience nightmare. That’s what some of these malevolent spirits can do. Whether it is with their abilities or perhaps it’s something involving the interaction with them through EVP in itself (and in fact any other means of spirit communication) remains a mystery, but there is a danger of becoming clairaudient to an extreme and intrusive level. Trust me when I tell you, this is clairaudience that you don’t want because it is something that is not (and I stress this) not easily controlled. You could find yourself living in a world of hostile voices. In many cases that I’ve seen, the tormenting voices are also accompanied by disturbing physical attacks and abuses.

   I know that the disaster that befell me does not happen to everyone that experiments with EVP. I’d wager to say that the percentage is probably quite small, but I do know that it is happening to a percentage of people that take up EVP.  One just starting out or thinking about starting out in this field of research should be aware before picking up that voice recorder for the first time that this is a risk and this is what this risk looks like. You can get into a spirit attachment situation where malevolent spirits can cause you to hear menacing voices outside of the recordings to an extreme degree. A percentage of these spirits that people are communicating with when they do EVP, are hostile. If they find some door, some way to come through the recordings, to come through and wreak havoc in your life, they will seek this out.  They can follow you when you turn off and put down that recorder. Again, I know some would say I’m overly pessimistic, but I feel that there needs to be these accounts put out there, from people speaking out about their experiences, the knowledge they’ve gained (sometimes the hard way).

  As paranormal interest and research is on the rise in this day and age, the dangers need to be spoken about as well.  It is no small matter to venture into this unknown frontier and the dangers of these ventures are no small matter as well.  Some of what we are (and will continue) to encounter in this field is hostile and this must always be taken into consideration when venturing forth down this path.

Monday, October 17, 2016

“Your Execution is Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning”

  “Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning”

 This is something that I heard these harassing malevolent spirits say to me numerous times back at the start of my ordeal.  I know that I have already written about this in my other blog post here, but I thought it best to give the subject a post of its own because I have seen this death sentence tactic used by these malevolent spirits in several of these harassment situations.  I admit, back in the early days of my ordeal when I heard them say they had scheduled my execution for such and such a day, I believed them.  Here I was, confused as hell about the whole situation, dealing with these invisible persecutors.  I had no idea what they were capable of at the time. At times, when they told me that they were going to kill me, I believed them. They seemed like they meant it and I was already in a terrible state of panic and anxiety over this whole predicament that I had found myself in. I admit that back in the early days, I more or less accepted my fate and believed that these malevolent entities were going to follow through with their death sentence. I remember hearing on quite a few occasions “your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.” I thought when I awoke the next morning, I could be “taken out” at any time. But “tomorrow morning” always came and went and nothing ever happened…needless to say, I was not executed.

  At first, they would tell me that at the last minute they had decided to spare me. They would say things like “your execution has been rescheduled for Thursday morning.”  But just like before, Thursday morning would come and go and nothing would ever happen.  These harassing spirits eventually gave up on using this death sentence mind game because I wasn’t falling for it anymore. I had realized that it was complete and utter bullshit.

  I have seen them use this death sentence mind game tactic in a few other accounts of this situation as well. It’s just another dastardly ploy from their bag of dastardly tricks. In the end it amounted to nothing. I have lived through many tomorrow and Thursday mornings since I started hearing these voices and I continue making it through each day. Yes, I still hear these intrusive voices, but I don’t buy into their mind games any longer.  If I heard them give me an execution date these days, I would dismiss it in the blink of an eye and not give it a second thought because having gone through this whole sham before, I know without a doubt that it is just more complete and utter bullshit from them.



November 2, 2016

   Back in the winter of 2015, a few weeks into my personal experimenting with EVP, I began to experiment with various “carrier sounds,” or I would use steady sources of noise such as the white noise of a television, a running fan, or a running shower, to create a steady source of background noise so that I could capture these voices that I was hearing on my recordings even louder. I had some success with this. There were even a few occasions where I heard these voices in real time, literally at the time that I was recording. At the time, I had no idea about the living nightmare that my experience with EVP would descend into, but looking back now, I wish that I had gotten out right then and there.

  To this day, I still hear these intrusive voices coming in over sources of steady background noise, only now it is even stronger and on a daily basis. Back in the Spring of 2015, when my situation was at its worse, it was as if any sound that I heard was being mutated and distorted into these menacing voices.  All of my descriptions with mere words will fall short of the mark here, it was truly an unsettling experience.

  Aside from the few incidents that I had of hearing these voices with just my ears while I was experimenting with carrier sounds, my nightmare truly began one day in late February (2015) when I heard menacing voices coming in very loud and clear over the noise of a running fan at my work. This time, I heard them louder and clearer and more continuously than any other previous incident.

  In the weeks that followed, I began to experience ever increasing incidents of hearing these voices coming in over various background noises. I remember incidents of hearing them over the noise of my stereo, my television, my shower, my stove as I boiled water… if anything generated a steady noise, I began to hear these voices emerging from it.  I am happy to report that now, at this point, this strange phenomenon has weakened a significant degree. I no longer hear voices emerging out of just about any steady background noise. Even though I do still hear these voices in this manner on a daily basis, now it seems that they can only effectively carry their voices over with allot of volume and clarity if the background noise is stronger. This is true for the most part. Though things often shift back and forth with this situation. But it does seem like this mysterious phenomenon of hearing the voices in this way is indeed weakening with time.

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  1. Dear Jersey Guy… need to ask Jesus Christ to drive the spirits away never to return.
    Use scripture to keep them away from you. Here is a good one: “What time I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee.” Psalm 56:3. Say it out loud when possible. I wish you all the best in life. You might want to seek a priest or pastor who will pray with you for freedom. God bless you, and help you. Amen.

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