Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication : Cont……


Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get my sleep routine back on track. These evil spirits that are oppressing me got the better of me this week by keeping me awake for a few nights with their constant chatter and the physical disturbances that they cause me. I’ve been making progress in getting away from using beer as an “improvised sleep aid” and just sticking with the stuff I get at the local pharmacy, but this week that failed me completely.

I’ll try again though, but if I keep having problems I may have to see about getting back on Ambien which I was on for a short time last year. I’ve got to find something that works on a regular basis without too many side effects. I have to sleep to live and be a functional person, it’s that simple. I’ll keep trying with the regular sleep aids for now though. I’ve already desensitized myself to so much that these entities have thrown at me but when they mess with my sleep like this it’s still a very serious problem for me.

The voices I hear are still spewing the same negative criticisms of me as always. This is something very common in these negative spirit attachment situations and is essentially just another tactic that these malevolent spirits use to wear down their victim psychologically. These evil spirits enjoy criticizing me and berating me for all of my sins and character flaws. They try and set themselves up to be some kind of judges of me yet they are constantly exaggerating everything. I’m not perfect, far from it, but these entities try and get under your skin and instill guilt and fear in you by harassing you about things that you’ve done in your life. I’ve seen this in numerous cases such as mine where people have started hearing menacing voices after engaging in some form of spirit communication.

They try and make you hate yourself by exaggerating dirt from your past (or present) to an extreme level. Again, this is just another one of their means of psychological attack. For myself, I over came all concern about their judgments of me by more or less asking myself why I would even care what evil spirits thought about me.

They are malicious, intrusive and tyrannical to an extreme degree and I don’t give a damn about their judgements. Any little thing you do that could cause you any guilt, they’ll try and make you feel like the most evil person in the world and act like you deserve their punishment.

Now of course we all have to try and make peace with who we are, but these entities only act all judgmental as a means to instill anxiety and fear in you. Before long, they start giving away their secrets and their bag of tricks as well, one just needs to be observant of this and never believe anything they say just because of the fact that’s it’s coming from spirits.

They twist and distort everything around to try and get you into a state where they can easily manipulate you. They don’t have the power they talk themselves up to have and falling for their deceptions only gives them more power. Yes, they can annoy the hell out of me and unfortunately still mess with my sleep like they did this week, but they can’t take away my free will. Ultimately it comes down to me and how I deal with my life from here on out while I’m living with this situation.

I can either look at my life now as a glass half empty or a glass half full. But the choice is still mine, like it always was. They can’t change that.


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  1. Dear Jersey Guy…..you need to ask Jesus Christ to drive the spirits away never to return.
    Use scripture to keep them away from you. Here is a good one: “What time I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee.” Psalm 56:3. Say it out loud when possible. I wish you all the best in life. You might want to seek a priest or pastor who will pray with you for freedom. God bless you, and help you. Amen.

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