Lone wolf.

I was never a popular kid growing up. I always minded my own business and never strayed from my lane. I believed i was special considering the fact that i was slightly different from others. I was and still am a quiet person, not shy though, which is why i never really made friends as time went by. Today, i look back and regret my actions and somehow wish i spoke out more and interacted better socially. This summer went by in a flash, and with school starting in just 3 days, i realize i literally didn’t do anything fun.I’m secretly hoping for school to start. I’m curious as to how this semester will be, hoping some things turn around for me. I hate this feeling of loneliness and abandonment. The only friends i have are my parents and i don’t spend much time with them. I’m trying to find it in myself to make things interesting. I want to enjoy my life like many people do with theirs.

2 thoughts on “Lone wolf.”

  1. It will be okay. The best thing to do is to make yourself believe you can do it and not care about what anyone else would think of you. If you act like it, you will be it.

  2. I agree with sekeroglan. I used to be in the same position, trying to turn my life around, and you know what? It was easier than I had thought. Just keep a positive attitude and everything will work itself out. I wish you all the best! Keep us updated. 😉

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