next move

I didn’t get to go to the game with Brent today. I asked him again last night to take me. He said no. Just no. I have asked him to let me stop by on Wednesday after my hair appointment he said no. I asked him to go to dinner Thursday. He said no. I asked him to go to dinner Friday. He said no. And to go to the game today and he said no. I have no pride left. I have humiliated myself beyond reason for nothing. He has not budged one bit toward giving me a chance. He has no reason to treat me like this. No reason. I don’t understand. Why can’t I just give up? 

I have been cleaning today. I still wish I didn’t have the dogs. I think I am stuck with them, though. I have cleaned the inside of the refrigerator and freezer, washed all the cabinet doors,  washed the couch covers and ironed them, washed the throw pillow covers and ironed them. I weed eated the back yard, swept the patio, and brushed the dogs. I graded a few notebooks and I need to get back to it. I hate doing it, but I need to get all of the 1st hour  ones done tonight so I can take them back to school tomorrow and get my 5th and 6th hour notebooks to do. I am going to text Brent tomorrow afternoon and ask him to dinner tomorrow night. I am not texting him at all today since he’s at the game. It makes me so sick to even think about it. I wanted to be there with him so bad. 

I really needed to get some stuff done at my house, though. I get nothing done at all during the week. We have cheer 3 days next week, so I will be killed. I think they are going to make me go to those stupid PD events, so I will have to miss school. I hate missing school! My kids will be terrible! Ugh. And, if they make me go to that deal in Louisville, I will have to miss two days in a row. 

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