The Ups and Downs of college life

I’m standing here staring at the toilet in the woman’s bathroom wondering why the seat is up. I’m confused. 

College is well…college. So far, I’ve taken three quizes, gotten 100% on them, thank goodness. I have a lot of homework. It’s hard for me to keep up. I’ve been staying up until 1 am just to finish a set of math problems. 

It’s great because I love all my classes. My communication class is fun. My botany teacher is just like my favorite old science teacher from high school (which makes me miss the old coot more). My math teacher is awesome, but I hate her assistant. 

Every Thursday I have a lab for botany and on the weekends I can go in for private study time. I went in today. It was fun. Last night I got a sample of a weed from matanence and put it in a bowl of red gaterade. It dyed the Xylem (the plant tissues that transport water and nutrients) red.


A junior guy asked me for my number at the end of it. I think we have a date for Monday (???) but he said he would text me. He’s kinds gruff looking with large pores and facial hair, but his intelligence is what counts. I might agree to meet up with him. I’m not sure yet.

On another note, I’m enrolled in my college orchestra. It’s alot of fun, but I’m back to the second violins…again. Throwback to high school music program woop woop… 

My conductor is…interesting to say the least. He has this brilliant smile, but I can never read his expressions, which concerns me. In orchestra class, he was conducting a piece and suddenly stood up from his stool–still conducting– and walked over to me. As I started bowing a down bow, he cups his hand over the tip of my bow and shoves down, yelling at me over the music to use my whole bow. Very embarrassing. 

I also have a private instructor. She’s cool, except she is a bit forgetful. She blew off our lesson cause she had a doctors appointment lol. She’s pretty cool though, even if she writes her emails in the subject line like my mom does. The biggest thing I took away from our lesson was “No bones!” She doesn’t like the way I grip my bow. 


On to online news. RPR is starting to suck. People refuse to respond to my rps. I’m still being neglected. In a group I am in, there’s this group of people who are in their own exclusive friend clique and are total asshats to me. When I tried to discuss the issues I was having with that to a moderator of the group, they just blew me off and told me to go make my own clique (their words, no joke) if I felt unincluded. The bullshit part is they had originally made this group to avoid the cliqueiness of another group that they used to me…I’m just thinking to myself, you’re a hypocritical ass. They still haven’t messaged me or apologized to me since. I want to bite something…. ugh. 

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