Too long

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve written anything…wow didn’t realize it’s been that long! I’ve had a lot going on lately, school, needing to move, kids, and stress in general. 

I’ll be so glad once I am back to normal again! All this stress is taking a toll on me, I’m exhausted all day every day blah. Hopefully next week I’ll be moved and on my way back to my normal daily routine. 

I also haven’t had much contact with Master these past couple weeks 😔. He knows I have a lot going on and I know he’s been extremely busy as well. I miss talking to him everyday and miss his tasks and commands. My body is aching for him, needing to feel his presence. I haven’t done anything or touched myself these past two weeks, I’m seriously craving it! But I won’t have an opportunity to do anything until I’m moved and settled. I hope that once I am, I will be back in regular contact with Master. 

I’m beyond ready to move! My house is almost completely packed and I’m actually excited to be in a new home. I’m also almost done with my first two classes! Next week are my finals, yay!!! I’m excited to be done and anxious to start my next set of classes. 

Hoping this month will begin a new chapter in my life and hopefully a happy and stays on track!

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