What does content look like?

What does content look like?

I don’t find “content” to be an all around positive adjective to be honest…Content is mediocre, it’s good enough but not great. Content to me would be just merely existing in life. I want to be more than content. I’m not saying I want a fairy tale all day every day but I want to have passion in my life. I want to do more than wake up, pay bills and die.

When I hear someone say that they are content I picture a person who doesn’t hate their job but it doesn’t exactly excite them either. I picture someone who goes through the motions of life and laughs on cue but doesn’t experience laughter until their belly hurts. I want extraordinary moments in this life, I want those days where you laugh until you cry and you cry until you laugh, I want people in my life who strive for more and I don’t just mean financially. I want people who strive for passion, who lay under the clouds and see shapes and watch them come to life. I want a life that is full of “oh god how did that even happen?!” because at least that means you left your comfort zone.

Some people may argue that content is a simple happiness and to an extent I agree but it shouldn’t be the only type of happiness in your life. I can appreciate the small moments in life, the morning sunrise, the sharing a meal with someone you care about, the way a person’s eyes light up when they are laughing – those are some of the best parts of life, But I think being content with your entire life means you aren’t living to the fullest.

Who knows, maybe I’m a dreamer which is why I’ve never been fully satisfied in life. I am always searching for more but I want so much more than being content with my life. I want to be in love with my life, my therapist said something to me yesterday that struck a nerve:
“This is what you were given in life, you may have wanted a pink bike with the tassels on the handlebars and a white basket but you were given a purple mountain bike. Learn to love it, embrace the rough spots, love who you are and what you’ve been through…After all, you only get to do this once and you do not want to spend your prime years wishing you were something else. Embrace the good, the bad, the ugly and love yourself”

Maybe she is on to something, maybe not but either way I plan to find out….

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”

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