A Letter to me!

It’s time to say this because my life is constantly falling apart. 

This year has been the worst year.

I wanted this year to be special but i guess being positive is not gonna help me anymore.

This year I have felt hatred from almost everybody around me.

This year is the year of failures.

My life was always the weird one as compared to my friends and now it’s the worst too.

But I guess I have cried enough for everything and everything has already fallen apart. 

I lost almost everything. 

Today standing here and writing this, I feel bad for myself. I am the ultimate failure.

My family might hate too me because it’s hard for me to love myself.

But no more crying now, I have get up on my feet again. Start everything again. 

It is damn hard to think of anything nice right now but I have to. Otherwise my dreams will never come true.

This September my last result for the year will be decided. If I pass well and good and if I don’t I promise myself to work hard again.

Never let myself down ever again.  This is the last year of my failures! 

This has to end and it will end!

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