He’s back. 

I’m so fucking happy!

I haven’t let him rest since he’s been back.  God I love this man. He’s fucking back!!!

I’m just so fucking excited, I can’t keep it to myself. And there’s not many other’s I could tell without having to share deeper. 

I’m so fucking ecstatic that he’s finally returned. He’s come back to me. He loves me. I don’t even care where he’s been , I love him, I love him, I love him. He was in a very bad place, not with other ‘women’ , I can’t really say where he was, or what he was doing, but I understand him. I understand why he couldn’t tell me, or I could have been charged by law with “abetting”. I’m not American, so I don’t 100% know all of the laws.  


He’s like fire, I love this motherfucker, he’s burning me so fucking good. 
It’s intoxicating. I would die for this man. And he would ride or die with me. 
I don’t even care how insane he is anymore, I fucking love him. He’s fucking electric. Baby.


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