Journal Entry #28 (I hate traveling and vacations)

Alright, I just had some complementary chocolate and I’m ready to go!

Greetings from luxury, guys. I am currently staying at a 5-star hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I have to say, 5-star it is. Bellhops, valet parking, a concierge, premium Wi-Fi, a spectacular view of distant buildings, a golf course, and a pool (filled with bikini bab-I mean swimmers), room service….I’m living the life. And I feel great. At least I think I do. I’m enjoying myself more than I have these past few months. Though I haven’t done anything but sit around the room watching videos on my phone. I can go pretty much anywhere in the hotel to do sooooo many things, but I decide to sit in a room watching Shiki (an anime).

I know I probably sound annoying, telling you all about this (which I why I don’t tell anyone when I go on vacations or when I travel) so I’ll just cut this entry short. Just wanted to tell you about this for no reason, I guess, heh.

There’s no rest for a guest, so I’ve gotta go.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I titled the title what I did, it’s because I do indeed hate both traveling and vacations. This particular one though, is kind of alright. I’ll even take a picture or two for you guys, of the view or something. Idk

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