My Family Is Visiting Me From Sweden

This week was horrible, for obvious and other unmentioned reasons.
But now things are getting so much better. My family is finally here, they are visiting me all the way from Sweden! 🙂 I am currently studying at a private university in Pasadena, California. We are from Dalarna region of Sweden, and its the most beautiful land in all of Sweden. I’m from a small village in the middle of the most beautiful forrest that is situated on one of the biggest lakes and I miss it a lot. A city like Los Angeles is HUGE to me. And as much as there was culture shock, I have enjoyed being here . . . mostly. But I have missed my family so much. My parents are such great people, and my brothers, I love them so much! 

Although I haven’t seen them in four months, I have Facetime them every single day. My mom calls me at least once a day, and my father is constantly Facetime-ing me. I love them so much. I just feel bad that I have kept so much from them, and lied to them about a lot of things that have been going on in my personal life. My parents have met Ramsay once before, and my mom is planning on cooking him a dinner tomorrow night. I think it’s crazy sometimes, how she doesn’t know who’s hand she’s shaking. If she only knew what he had been up to this week. . . crazy

But my love is back, and he’s safe and recovering. And my family is finally here! I don’t feel so alone anymore 🙂 I’m finally going to have a good weekend. 

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