“Can you hear it”

I had a dream the other night, there was a girl. I can hear her laugh and giggle right next to me. She leans her head against my chest, I can smell the coconut shampoo on her hair. Her hands were gentle as I held them. I look down at her and wonder what is going through her mind, so I asked her. What are you doing? She relies “shhh, can you hear it? Your heart is beating again.” She then looks up at me and smiles. I don’t get it though because the girl in the dream is not you.

2 thoughts on ““Can you hear it””

  1. Characters in dreams usually represent some part of our own personality, not real people we know. This girl was Life in your dream. You may have come through or going through a hard time in your life. I’m just guessing. She is letting you know it is going to be all right. She is your angel. All will be well.

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