Day 190 – Gaming day

Sunday, September 4th 2016

Today wasn’t the most interesting. Woke up around nine, but didn’t go to church. Instead I did a short Bible study on The Ten Commandments. I haven’t read them in a while and I needed to make sure I’m following them right and to have a fresh reminder of what they were.

Other than that, moderated quite a bit on the server. Found someone duping and they’re probably banned, if not, taken from all of their items for cheating.

I played This War of Mine and finished it well! I almost lost a guy, but he ended up fine. I also played Dead by Daylight and as I was opening a door (1 hit down) the killer came around the corner. He was right on my tail and I managed to escape just when he could have hit me. My heart was racing.

We started watching Inception and I lost interest. Not sure if it’s just because movies that aren’t at the cinema and watched with family in the living room just doesn’t interest me or what, but I didn’t watch it about 10 minutes in. I do that with a lot of movies; I don’t think it’s the movie itself, cause I’m sure I’d like it if I watched it in another setting.

Oh and I’ve been playing Mystic Messenger and it’s good… don’t judge me okay? I like games where you can pick your dialogue ;-; and Mr. Han (forgot first name, like Jumin I think) barely talks and I’m trying to head for him so it’s frustrating.

I need to practice art. Maybe tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

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