Hearing Voices After Doing EVP : continued ….


 Fear is what evil spirits want from you if you are unfortunate enough to become their target. They feed off of it. It gives them more power and more abilities to interact with you.

I started dabbling with EVP in January of 2015. By the end of February, I first started hearing malicious voices (which had begun appearing on my recordings just a few weeks before) outside of my recordings.  During the month of March, 2015, the situation began to rapidly deteriorate and I started to hear these malevolent voices more and more frequently.  In March, I also began to experience bizarre physical sensations. It began one morning when I was awoken early by an intense vibration sensation that literally seemed attached to my body.

Then while I was trying to sleep at night, I started to feel what I can only describe as a finger literally coming up out of the mattress and poking me in my lower back.  What this did was make me afraid.

Then in early April, literally over the course of a single morning at work, things just all at once exploded to an extreme degree.  Suddenly now I was surrounded by voices. Some of them seemed to be coming from the outside, some of them were speaking to me from within my own head.  I had an instantaneous panic attack. I told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and I rushed straight home.  I remember on the drive home, it was raining and the sound of the rain seemed to act as a kind of white noise through which even more menacing voices emerged. I called out of work for the rest of the week and more or less spent every agonizing moment either in bed unable to sleep, just staring at the ceiling while enduring a non-stop barrage of voices and physical attacks, or I would sit out on my back porch smoking cigarette after cigarette, desperately trying to calm my nerves even the slightest bit.

One night the voices put me through a sort of trial where they had me believing that I was undergoing my final judgement.  I was told that if I went into such and such a room in my house, I would find the spirits of my parents and that they would be waiting for me to take me to Heaven.  I was told to go here and there many times that night, but wherever I went, there was no one there, just these same malicious voices.

Finally, they told me that they had put me through enough that night and that they were going to give me a break for the night to allow me to sleep in peace for the first time in days.  I could actually hear these voices fading away as if they were getting farther and farther off into the distance.  I was given about 20 minutes of peace, then I heard a voice accuse me of thinking about spirits and once again, the onslaught of voices seemed to return again almost in an instant.

That night, they had me running around from room to room, the butt of their jokes, basically because I allowed myself to believe what they were saying because I was afraid of them.

One morning, when things were at their utter worse, I was in my bathroom when I heard a heavy but quick knock on the bathroom door. I thought this was odd since I lived alone and no one else was in the house (except for these malevolent spirits). I opened the door and walked down the hall to my living room where I saw my front door violently slammed open before my eyes.  I was afraid in the moments before this incident happened and I was even more afraid after.

Fast forward a few weeks, when these malevolent spirits had me in a very low, self-loathing emotional state. They were telling me that Jesus, beautiful angels and spirits in Heaven, and the spirits of my parents had been praying for me, but that I was blowing everything because I was being a “useless sinner.”  I was emotionally crushed by this because I believed them. I was afraid.

 They told me one afternoon that they were going to “execute me” in ten minutes. My mind went blank. I was ready to give up the struggle to hold on and accept my fate. There was no point in fighting it then I thought, now it would be over and I waited for them to finish it. But nothing happened. Yet, I had believed them because I was afraid.

They told me that Lucifer was in my head. They told me that all of Heaven was grateful to me because I had been keeping Lucifer occupied. Perhaps it’s hard to understand unless one finds themselves in a situation like this, but for a time, I believed this to because I was afraid.

These evil spirits will say just about anything to instill fear. They can claim to be anyone. There is no depth of lowness that they won’t sink to, there is no restriction on their lies, they’ll literally say anything to incite fear.

As strange as this sounds, I often used to come into work and find messages on the voicemail from these malevolent spirits. There was one in particular that said “we’re coming for you.” Then throughout the day, they would literally call the phone at my work directly and harass me, or if I was already on the phone, they would seem to break in to the call and the call would become filled with static and distortion, through which their voices would emerge, harassing me.

All of this occurred last year, back in what I’ve come to call their “shock & awe” phase. This is when they pulled some of the stunts that you might typically see in a Hollywood horror movie. They were calling me on the phone, leaving messages on my voicemail, banging on walls, moving objects, causing me to have visions, …

Looking back now, I believe that they had the ability to do these things in part at least, because my fear gave them the ability to.  It’s now been over a year and a half since this has all started for me, but now that I no longer live in fear, they no longer have the effect upon me that they once did.

I can’t even remember the last time that I got a phone call or a voicemail from “them.” It’s been quite a few months I know that. They can no longer bang on walls or move objects in front of me either it seems. I no longer hear the extremely intense, deep voices that literally seemed to be able to make the ground shake when they spoke.  Those voices are long gone.

Now I couldn’t even write down all of the new storylines that these malevolent spirits have been telling me for the past few months to try and instill fear in me once again. I simply forget them now much quicker.  I know they still try and come up with some new lies and deceptions, but I don’t pay attention nearly as much now and hence they slip from my memory quicker.

Now their bags of tricks that they can use against me has thinned out significantly. I can still hear them and I can still feel them when they create these physical disturbances, but now it seems, this is all they can do anymore.  I’ve taken away their power to a very large degree by letting go of my fear.

My fear gave them strength. My indifference to their tricks and schemes has made them weaker.

I hear the all too familiar female voice right now, the one I call “#1 on my shit list.”

She’s faintly trying to scream into my ear at this moment, she says “you son of a bitch!”

Perhaps she’s not too pleased with what I’m writing today.



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