It’s been a few weeks..

It’s been a while since I last logged on but there hasn’t been much to write about lately. I usually only write when I feel there’s something I want to write about rather than writing for the sake of it to add pages to my journal.

Anyway my mother and I have been out a small fortune lately with vet bills for our cat Misty (He’s got a girls name because when we got him he was so young that we couldn’t tell his sex and assumed he was female until it became quite obvious he was male. By that time he was used to his name Misty lol.) He’s been sick with a multitude of small problems, none that are life threatening but which would be neglectful on our part if we didn’t get him seen to. Speaking of animals a girl I know is rehoming her dog which I’d loved to have taken but I am not allowed. I may be 25 but I live under my mothers roof and I have to respect her wishes even if it’s left me disappointed. To be fair though if she didn’t put a limit to how many animals I brought home it would be more like a zoo than a home lol! I absolutely love animals and I can never understand why people in this world enjoy hurting them. When I was at the vet’s recently with my cat as mentioned a woman brought in a dog she was fostering for our local animal shelter. The poor thing had a bandage wrapped all up his leg and when I asked her what happened she told me that the dogs last owners thought it would be funny to cut off his toes for a dare! Doesn’t that just make you feel sick inside? It made me feel like I actually needed to vomit. It takes a special kind of cruel for anyone to enjoy torturing innocent animals (and of course children!) I need to steer away from this subject now as I can feel myself boiling inside and I came on here to relax and not to start myself off haha!

I must add I’m feeling quite proud of myself lately. I am a big woman I must admit because when I was younger I suffered from anorexia through a fear of swallowing food and when I finally beat that fear I overcompensated by eating all my favourite foods for the last so many years. I’ve been wanting to lose weight again but in a healthy way and I’ve also wanted to become fitter and I have become fitter at least! I’m on a good spell with my health so I’ve been making the most of it by taking walks and doing household chores which give a bit of excercise and I’ve found that whilst doing the hoovering today I didn’t break a sweat nor am I exhausted and gasping for air when I’m out walking. In regards to weight loss I only lost 2lbs this week but hell it’s better than putting on 2lbs! I’m eating a lot more fruit and veg too and keeping away from the fizzy drinks. I have a weakness when it comes to chocolate, although I haven’t cut it out yet I’m at least making a large bar last me the day or two rather than a few minutes and I usually give half of it away anyway between my mum and my partner.

I’ve actually found quite a lot to write about! I didn’t realize I had so much inside me to say hahaha! It’s almost 12 in the afternoon now where I live so I’ve got to get off and get some more things done whilst I can!

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss that’s fantastic . And I am the same as you, I have no pets but animal cruelty just sickens me.. I read a book about battersea dogs home and some of the stories were just heartbreaking xx

  2. Thank you very much 🙂 I couldn’t read books like that or watch any television shows on animal cruelty as I’d end up feeling very angry and also very sad. Even those animal adverts you get on t.v make me switch channels x

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