She knew she was in trouble the moment she walked downstairs.  A million thoughts raced through her brain and a tiny voice inside her head said, “Don’t go!”  Another step and the voice was quickly silenced.  Stepping onto the basement landing, she felt as though she were invincible.  She knew who she wanted, and what she wanted, but did not know if she had the courage to make it happen. 

    He smiled, gave a wink, and handed her a drink.  As she took it from his hands he let out a small groan.  She knew his thoughts exactly.  His best friend, her husband, was upstairs sleeping and they were a floor below him, getting ready to play a game that could destroy everyone’s future. 

            They drank anyway.  They laughed and danced and sang and as the hours passed and their cups became empty, they talked.  They talked about memories, talked about the future, and talked about the love they had for each other.  A love that was not full of romance, but of affection.  A love that let them connect in a different way than she had ever experienced.  A love that gave her such a delicious feeling, that she would risk it all, on a kiss. 

    As the alcohol coursed through her body, She moved closer to him on the couch. the urge to reach out and touch him grew stronger.  She brazenly placed her hand on his inner thigh and began a gentle caress back and forth.  Her hand inching higher with each stroke. 

            He didn’t back away, instead he relaxed and gave her easier access to continue her journey.  With a smile that seemed innocent, but couldn’t be played off as such, she bit her lip and lifted her gaze to meet his eyes.  A heartbeat went by before their lips met.  Maybe it was the drinks, maybe it was the taboo nature, maybe it was pure lust.  She didn’t know and certainly didn’t care about the reason why she felt this attraction towards him.  A fire built inside of her and settled in between her thighs.  She squeezed her legs together to try and relieve the pressure that was building.  It was no use.  What she needed was not to ease the pressure, but to release it completely. 

            His lips left hers and she took in a unsteady breath as his lips found a sensitive spot on her neck.  His lips were promptly replaced by teeth that nipped the flesh and caused her to jump as a jolt of pure, sexual electricity shot through her.  She lost her breath for a moment and as soon as she recovered from the unexpected sensation, his mouth was on hers again and his tongue was taking his first taste of her ready and willing mouth.  She could taste the spice and heat of the liquor he had consumed earlier in the night, mixed with his intoxicating taste and she wanted more.  She wanted to taste the rest of his body and she released her mouth from his.  He put his hand on her chin, with his thumb pressed against her lips, guiding her back to his awaiting mouth.  Her lips parted quickly and wrapped around the base of his thumb. Her tongue caressed the pad of his thumb and his fingers released their grip on her chin, as he let a low moan escape his lips.

    His hips jerked forward and she placed her hand on the straining denim between his thighs.  Swirling her tongue around the tip of his thumb and gently squeezing the taunt pull of the fabric, he let out a deep growl that shook her to her core.   She stole a glance at his face.  His eyes were dark and his jaw, fresh with dark stubble, clenched and ticked as he tried to hold his composure.  He knew that he was crossing a line, but saw the look in her eye and did not want her to stop.  

    He grabbed her hand, that was grabbing him, and reached for his belt buckle.  She eagerly pushed his hand to the side and began to undo the belt.  His silver button shimmered like a welcome sign and tempted great things if it were undone.  Giving into temptation, She grasped the button and quickly undid it.  Her heart beat so loudly that was all she could hear.  She ran her fingertips over the zipper and when she started to pull it down, the sound cut through the beating in her ears.  Her mouth went dry and she licked her lips in anticipation.  Puling his jeans and boxers down she sucked in her breath when his long, heavy, erect penis stood with the tip glistening.  She bent her head and took her first lick of the tip.  The noise he made was almost inaudible and her name left his lips on a whispered sigh.  His fingers moved under her hair, cradling her head in the palm of his hand, he gripped the hairs by the scalp firmly.  This elicited an enthusiastic moan from her and her lips wrapped around him as she sucked him inside her hot, wet mouth.    

    His fingers twitched in her hair and he pulled just hard enough to send pleasure rippling through her.  She took him deeper in her mouth and she grew damp with the thought of him entering her body.  he was so large that when she took him fully in her mouth, he hit the back of her throat.  She moaned and he grew.  The pace continued to accelerate until both were breathless and could hold on no longer.  He sat up and quickly slipped off her shorts, only to discover that she had been without underwear the entire time.  His breathing was unsteady as he looked over her. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her to her feet and led her to the side of the couch.  He bent her over the arm of the couch and thrusted into her from behind.  She could not hold back the cry of desire that escaped her lips.  She pushed back against him and reached around to grab his ass.  Holding it tightly with both hands caused her to arch her back and take him deeper than she thought was possible.  

    His thrusts were hard and they created a rhythm inside of her.  Each one touching sensitive points inside of her that she didn’t even know existed.  Reaching around, he pressed the palm of his hand against her pulsating clit.  She rocked hard back and forth along his cock, while circling her hips to press into his firm palm.  Her pace quickened and he moved with her.  Grabbing a handful of hair he bent her head to the side and bit her sensitive flesh.  She tightened around him, unable to control herself any longer.  Her hands released the grip she had on him and she bent forward, waves of pleasure pulsated through her nerves causing her to tighten around him and a sense of urgency took him over.  Placing his hands on her hips he pulled her back against him as he drove his cock inside of her.  His gripped tightened, as his hips moved faster.  Another wave over took her and she cried out from the pure pleasure that burst through her body.  His voice was strained as he called her name.  With one final thrust he climaxed inside of her and she felt the thick, hot liquid filling her.  Exhausted he fell on top of her and the two stayed in that position.  Neither one spoke, nor did they have too.  They both understood what was going to happen.  

    Gently, he pulled himself out of her and handed her a towel to clean up.  Once they were both clothed she turned towards him.  A look of longing was on his face and she only could nod in agreement. She reached up and placed a hand against his stubbly cheek and gave him a sad smile.  He leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss, one filled with desire, but missing the heated passion that was given earlier.  He entwined her fingers with his and gave her hand a squeeze.  

    The night had ended and it was time to come back to reality.  With one last glance over her shoulder, she climbed the staircase and joined her sleeping husband in their bed.  Her husband rolled over and kissed her cheek, then fell back asleep.  

    She laid in her bed and he laid on the couch, both staring at the celling, thinking about the night and knowing that they could never return to it.   They both drifted off to sleep with the memories in their mind and  smile on their face. 

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