Sunday, went to two churches

Got up around 9 AM and went to the first presbyterian church of Hollywood for the first time. It wasn’t good as the very first one I went to but much closer and has a good vibe. I think I’m going to settle down here at least for now. I like it has a huge parking lot and people with different background and culture. I can’t already tell by looking around people in the church. Although it was little too big size church then I prefer, I will definitely give it an another shot to see if I’m gonna like it or not. so far so good.

Drove through Larchmont for the first time then grabbed a pork dumplings for breakfast in K-town. It was actually pretty good. I really liked it. Took a short nap till Dosung called me for his church. Ended up going there and spent rest of the day hanging out with his church buddies. Very interesting meetings and topics for the conversation. I feel like I’m way too americanized to be in this crowed but it’s always good to experience and learn new things. Although I wasn’t fully adapting the entire atmosphere, it was fun and good food at the new place called Yellow house.

Back to Dosung’s place and watched a Korean movie and a half of TV show before I uber back home. 12:29 AM now and just got out of shower and writing this. Gotta go to sleep for tomorrow. I have to wake up at least at 9 AM to go Pasadena. Goodnight All.

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