Toxic … Poison…

He wants nothing to do with you.
They push you away.
All they want to do is forget that you ever existed.
You used to be so happy, hoping you would never grow up.
Now, life has forced you to deal with your issues.
Instead of ignorance is bliss, you’re wallowing in your sorrows.
Able to put up a facade as if everything is okay.
Nobody able to see past through it.
Just an Anonymous Anomaly.
I would have been fine if they hadn’t insisted I go to therapy.
I didn’t want this door to be open and yet they insisted.
Now… now.. they see what I was hiding… and now… they have no idea how to close the damn thing.
Nobody ever listens because they’re caught up in thinking we don’t know any better.
I’m self aware, not stupid.
I can act that way. I can mold myself to fit your personality.
Maybe I am crazy.
Whatever I am, I just want it to die. Let me start anew some other place.
At least give me that much freedom…

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