Haven’t written for a while, been really busy with everything going on. I have an interview next week, it’s for a promotion within my job and I’m really hoping I get it, but I have to prepare a ten min presentation ( which I have done) , the problem is I get so so nervous speaking in front of people. I am going to have to really practice practice practice… Interviews are not my strong point. They cause me so much anxiety!

 After practising tonight I relaxed with my knitting and some Alaskan bush people : my husband and I are addicted to that show we both love it❤️Poor Mya has a bad cough, seems OK in herself but I can hear her coughing away in her cot so no doubt she will be in mummy bed for cuddles sooner rather than later.

 Hope everyone is doing well… Going to catch up with some diaries now good night xx

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