Worst kind of betrayal

Today not only did i realise the fact that i dont have a support system when it comes to my personal goals but also that i dont have friends. Being away from home, one thinks you can make friends and even have loyalty understandings with someone. My “friend” literally backstabbed me and it hurt me cause i never thought she was that kind of a person but i guess she proved the latter. I am running for a leadership post and during lunch i even joked around with her about her voting for me, she was supposed to support me when it came to voting regardless of the fact that my speech wouldn’t be on spot even though i am confident about it. Soon after i go up to the nomination board and she had her name down for the very same post. She had the option to either accept or decline the nomination, but seeing that she accepted hurt me so much. To make matters worse, a girl came by to also look at the board and she said “so and so(my “friend”) is perfect for the job”. I just brushed it off and thought oh no its all good, im not gonna lose hope but i am hurting so bad. Some people are running for these posts cause they have many friends who will vote for them regardless of the fact that they may not want the job at all. Here i am desperate for this post because i believe it was meant for me, i wanna break out of  my shell and be involved as a leader but seeing that the girl who i thought was my friend hurt me and has so many other friends and votes will be made based on popularity…. this really is the worst feeling. I pray  God makes me feel alright. 

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