Co-worker, Money and School…. Oh My!


2:15 PM

My co-worker did exactly what I thought she’d do: Whenever the typical “How was your long weekend?” question was asked she’d respond with a sob story about how it wasn’t good because she didn’t get to drop her kid off on her first day of school. Cry me a river, bitch. You had more than enough time to prepare for this. School starts at the same fucking time every fucking year. Some people, just think the world is out to get them, though. I stand by my decision. It needed to be done not only to put her in her place, but to make her realize this is my shift… She can’t fucking have it.


Mike and I are squabbling over finances. I want rent a bigger place, but he seems to think we’ll be able to just go and buy a house. No. Our credit isn’t terrible, but mine is pretty much non-existent and his isn’t overly stable. You ain’t worth shit in this world unless you have good credit. I hope mom gifts us her house. It’d put so many of my worries to rest.


I’m going to have to postpone school. I’m sad, but after communicating with the head of the program I realized it’ll be too much too fast. Since it’s all online, I was hoping I could take the courses at my leisure, but that’s not the case. There’s a pretty strict timeline in which I have to finish them and I don’t think I’ll have the time to do so right yet. I’m just settling in to my new life. Also, I won’t have the money which means I’ll have to start saving for each course.

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