Day 191 – Very good day

Monday, September 5th 2016

Wow. 200 days. I never expected for this to happen. I always though that I’d stop after a couple of days as I did with so many of my other journals, but instead I am still here, meeting people along the way. Lee Paysour, PrettyInBlack, savedbygrace, Miriam although shorted lived, Colours of Forgiveness which is who hooked me up on this site although I never spoke with them and I think they’re absent now… And many others I had small conversations with through comments. I’m glad I Googled for this site and to have met these people, each allowing people to know about their lives; it’s very interesting seeing all the different and common occurrences throughout someone’s life, and a good practice, since sometimes you feel like the world is only centered around you and forget other people have lives too.

Anyway, today was very, very fun! I went to a sushi place with Kohai today. It was delicious~ I never have sushi since my mom and brother don’t like it. We talked a lot and it was amazing… I love the Salmon, and the spicy Salmon a lot! I managed to convince my mom and brother to come with me and my dad for lunch at some point. It’s a big menu, so we can find them something!

Other than that, moderated a tiny bit on the server and played a lot of Dead by Daylight. I’m getting pretty good since I’m at rank 16!

I watched a couple of Doctor Who episodes and talked with staff a little on the server. Oh, and I am becoming reobsessed with the Joker (Heath Ledger) after having a dream of being capable of bringing characters to life by drawings. I brought him to life and he started threatening to kill before I turned him back into a drawing. Reminded me that one of the reasons why I like him is because he’s fictional. I’m happy though, cause I’m actually finally dreaming about characters I like and not characters I previously liked, for example last night, dreamed of Kilgrave. It makes the dream much better and interesting.

That’s all for today!

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  1. You summed up so well what is great about this site. People really connect here; people care and say so. We’re glad to know you, too, Observant Bystander. You have said things that encouraged me many times. Thanks for being here. [hug]

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