Dreams and autumn leaves

Quick update before I have to get the tea on…sitting on iPad in Mya’s room while she ‘reads’ her books in her rocking chair by herself : Iv been relegated to the floor!

 Been so clammy today, not feeling like autumn yet at all, but had a lovely day as I took Mya to the big country park that you can walk to from my house, we played in the park and went hunting for ‘treasures ‘ ( leaves and feathers 😂)

 Then Mya napped and I decided to do something Iv been meaning to make for a while : a dream catcher , Iv been having lots of terrible dreams recently and hopefully this may help! It’s made from a twig and feathers that we found today, the wool and beads I had in the house just kicking about waiting to be made into something. It’s not perfect by any means but I think that makes it nicer and looks a bit more homemade! I really like and tried to use colours that would remind me of Autumn.

 I took Mya to another park this afternoon where she befriended two 3 year old twin girls, was so sweet watching them all play, ‘baking’ cakes out of twigs and leaves etc.

my feet are so sore from all the walking.

Tonight I plan to practise my presentation AGAIN ( I really need the practise) , my husband will be bored stiff by it. I can’t get into a flow yet… And I keep saying emmmmm…. Which I really am trying to stop. 

Anyway best go for now, hope everyone enjoying that day ximage image

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