First day of hopefully slightly better hell tomorow

Dear hayzley.

I haven’t written in a while whoops. I’ve been travelling constantly over the summer so i never got the chance and I only got back yesterday

I’m changing schools. Well, I changed schools and now I’m going to one that I hope will be a better fit for me. 

I don’t really feel like writing now. I’m tired and there’s too many things on my mind.

I’ll write again tomorrow after I get a better feel for things

I think I’ll be okay


I hope I be okay

Really all i can do is rely on the people around me to be welcoming and kind though high school rarely is. 


I feel like me and jelly bean are gonna loose touch since they have a fancy new group of friends. I don’t usually feel all that sad about loosing friends but I really really like them. I don’t feel like going in depth with this now but I don’t want to loose that friend ship. It means a lot to me


 a nervous tia

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