Giving up on life

the two most amazing thing in my life were my cats and due to a rental situation  i had to give them up today. i feel like the biggest piece of trash that has ever walked the face of the earth right now. they were the only thing i had to live for. tonight could be the actual night that i cant take it anymore. 1st hour with out them i had all i could do to drive without thinking about going head on with ever tractor trailer i seen the only thing that kept me from doing it was not wanting another person to be hurt. i really hope i die i have nothing to live for anymore! 

25 / f / feeling dead and lost

2 thoughts on “Giving up on life”

  1. I am so sorry. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Find something else you can love. Life is beautiful. It would be a shame If you wouldn’t get a chance to see it.

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