Everything i want has been shown to me. So why do i push it all away for a girl whos wrapped up in her own world. 

What the hell is so special about you?. Why do i constantly wish to be taken back to that apartment.

I wont get mad this time. I wont get upset when you stay out all night with your friends. I wont hurt when you dont come home or when theres new lies after lies. I wont cry one damn tear when you claim to be taking a nap/ getting ready for work, but youre not even home. Where were you? Pathetic.

Birthday in 3 months. Pretty sure you wont be there for that one either. My how time flies when youre having fun. Ive seen and done so much without you.

Im afraid you’ll never truly understand the painting. I left alot out to not make it too obvious, but im pretty sure i couldve wrote the words “I love you” and you still wouldnt get it.

I hate that youre still my best friend. Hate that you can still make me laugh harder than anyone. We go months without seeing eachother. Why are you so happy to see me? I swear to my friends ive forgotten your name.

Read this poem about how its ok to let Toxic people go… But how the hell do i let myself go?


“To bug, From bug”


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